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Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



Storlet Engine for Executing Biomedical Processes within the Storage System
Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Ealan Henis, John Marberg, Kenneth Nagin
Cohen, E Henis, J Marberg, K Nagin - 2014 -


ENSURE: Long term digital preservation of Health Care, Clinical Trial and Financial data
M Braud, O Edelstein, J Rauch, S Rabinovici-Cohen, J Marberg, K Nagin, D Voets, I Sanya, F Randers, A Droppert, M Klecha
Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES) , iPRES, 2013

Preservation DataStores in the Cloud (PDS Cloud): Long term digital preservation in the cloud
Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, John Marberg, Kenneth Nagin
Technical Report, Technical Report H--0318, IBM Research--Haifa, 2013

PDS Cloud: Long Term Digital Preservation in the Cloud
Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, John Marberg, Kenneth Nagin, David Pease
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E), pp. 38--45, 2013


Inter-cloud mobility of virtual machines
Kenneth Nagin, David Hadas, Zvi Dubitzky, Alex Glikson, Irit Loy, Benny Rochwerger, Liran Schour
Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Conference on Systems and Storage, pp. 3, 2011

Reservoir—when one cloud is not enough
Benny Rochwerger, David Breitgand, Amir Epstein, David Hadas, Irit Loy, Kenneth Nagin, Johan Tordsson, Carmelo Ragusa, Massimo Villari, Stuart Clayman, others
IEEE computer 44(3), 44--51, IEEE, 2011


An architecture for federated cloud computing
Benny Rochwerger, D Breitgand, D Hadas, I Llorente, R Montero, Philippe Massonet, Eliezer Levy, Alex Galis, M Villari, Y Wolfsthal, others
Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms, Editors: Radjkumar Buyya, James Broberg, Andrzej M. Goscinski , Wiley, 2010

Monitoring Service Clouds in the Future Internet.
Stuart Clayman, Alex Galis, Clovis Chapman, Giovanni Toffetti, Luis Rodero-Merino, Luis M Vaquero, Kenneth Nagin, Benny Rochwerger
Future Internet Assembly, pp. 115--126, 2010


The Reservoir Model and Architecture for Open Federated Cloud Computing
B Rochwerger, D Breitgand, E Levy, A Galis, K Nagin, IM Llorente, RE Montero, Y Wolfsthal, E Elmroth, J Caceres
IBM Journal of Research and Development 53(4), 4--1, IBM, 2009


The AGEDIS tools for model based testing
Alan Hartman, Kenneth Nagin
ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, pp. 129--132, Springer, 2004


Model driven testing-AGEDIS architecture interfaces and tools
Alan Hartman, Kenneth Nagin
1st European Conference on Model Driven Software Engineering, pp. 1--11, 2003


A test execution environment running abstract tests for distributed software
A Hartman, A Kirshin, K Nagin
Proceedings of Software Engineering and Applications, SEA 2002

Projected state machine coverage for software testing
G Friedman, A Hartman, K Nagin, T Shiran
ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, pp. 134--143, ACM, 2002


A methodology and architecture for automated software testing
I Gronau, A Hartman, A Kirshin, K Nagin, S Olvovsky
IBM Research Laboratory in Haifa Technical Report, MATAM Advanced Technology Center, Haifa31905, 2000

Year Unknown

Model based Testing of the PGM Protocol
Alan Hartman, Kenneth M Nagin, Yves Marie Quemener, 0