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Research Staff Memeber
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



Systems and Methods for Automatic Detection of an Indication of Abnormality in an Anatomic Image
Y. Choukrun, R. Bakalo, R. Ben-Ari, A. Akselrod-Balin and P. Kisilev

A Patch-wise Deep Learning Approach for Classification of Weakly Labeled and Imbalanced Mammogram Sets
J. Sulam, R. Ben-Ari, P. Kisilev


Automatic Fibro-glandular Tissue Segmentation in Digital Mammography Using Fuzzy Logic
R. Ben-Ari and A. Zlotnick


A method and system for processing and analyzing digital terrain data
Yigal Moscovitz, Sergey Vichic, Michal Attia, Rami Ben-Ari