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Director, AI for Accelerated HC&LS Discovery
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Professional Associations:  Israeli Society for HealthTech


Integrated Multisystem Analysis in a Mental Health and Criminal Justice Ecosystem
Erin Falconer, Tal El-Hay, Dimitris Alevras, John Docherty, Chen Yanover, Alan Kalton, Yaara Goldschmidt, Michal Rosen-Zvi
Journal AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings , 2014

Estimating the Impact of Prevention Action: A simulation Model of Cervical Cancer Progression
Michal Rosen-Zvi, Lavi Shpigelman, Alan Kalton, Omer Weissbrod, Saheed Akindeinde, Soren Benefeldt, Andrew Bentley, Terry Everett, Joseph Jajinskiji, Emmanuel Kweyu, Chalapathy Neti, Joe Saab, Osamuyimen Stewart, Malcolm Ward, Guo Tong Xie
Proceedings of MIE2014 205, 288


History-Alignment Models for Bias-Aware Prediction of Virological Response to HIV Combination Therapy
Jasmina Bogojeska, Daniel St\"ockel, Maurizio Zazzi, Kaiser Rolf, Incardona Francesca, Rosen-Zvi Michal, Thomas Lengauer
Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), pp. 118--126, 2012

Efficacy of Antiretroviral Therapy Switch in HIV-Infected Patients: A 10-Year Analysis of the EuResist Cohort
M Oette, E Schulter, M Rosen-Zvi, Y Peres, M Zazzi, A Sonnerborg, D Struck, A Altmann, R Kaiser
Intervirology 55(2), 160--166, Karger Publishers, 2012

Predicting Response to Antiretroviral Treatment by Machine Learning: The EuResist Project
Maurizio Zazzi, Francesca Incardona, Michal Rosen-Zvi, Mattia Prosperi, Thomas Lengauer, Andre Altmann, Anders Sonnerborg, Tamar Lavee, Eugen Schulter, Rolf Kaiser
Intervirology55, 123-127 , 2012


Detection of drug resistance mutations at low plasma HIV-1 RNA load in a European multicentre cohort study
Mattia CF Prosperi, Nicola Mackie, Simona Di Giambenedetto, Maurizio Zazzi, Ricardo Camacho, Iuri Fanti, Carlo Torti, Anders S\"onnerborg, Rolf Kaiser, Francisco M Codo\~ner, others
Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy, dkr171, Br Soc Antimicrob Chemo, 2011

Smarter log analysis
Ehud Aharoni, Shai Fine, Yaara Goldschmidt, Ofer Lavi, Oded Margalit, Michal Rosen-Zvi, Lavi Shpigelman
IBM Journal of Research and Development 55(5)(10), 2011

Toward personalized care management of patients at risk: the diabetes case study
Hani Neuvirth, Michal Ozery-Flato, Jianying Hu, Jonathan Laserson, Martin S Kohn, Shahram Ebadollahi, Michal Rosen-Zvi
Proceedings of the 17th ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining, pp. 395--403, 2011

Information technology for healthcare transformation
JP Bigus, M Campbell, B Carmeli, M Cefkin, H Chang, C-H Chen-Ritzo, WF Cody, S Ebadollahi, A Evfimievski, A Farkash, others
IBM Journal of Research and Development 55(5), 6--1, IBM, 2011


Prediction of response to antiretroviral therapy by human experts and by the EuResist data-driven expert system (the EVE study)
M. Zazzi, R. Kaiser, A. Sonnerborg, D. Struck, A. Altmann, M. Prosperi, M. Rosen-Zvi, A. Petroczi, Y. Peres, E. Schulter, C. Boucher, F. Brun-Vezinet, R. Harigan, L. Morris, M. Obermeier, C. F. Perno, R. Shafer, A. Vandamme, K. van Laethem, A. Wensing, T.
HIV Medicine pp. 1468-1293, 2010

Antiretroviral Therapy Optimisation without Genotype Resistance
M. CF Prosperi, M. Rosen-Zvi, A. Altmann, M. Zazzi, S. Di Giambenedetto, R. Kaiser, E. Schulter, D. Struck, P. Sloot, D. A. van de Vijver, A. Vandamme, A. Sonnerborg
PLoS ONE 5(10), e13753, Public Library of Science San Francisco, USA, 2010

Learning author-topic models from text corpora
M Rosen-Zvi, C Chemudugunta, T Griffiths, P Smyth, M Steyvers
ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS) 28(1), 1--38, ACM, 2010


Investigation of expert rule bases, logistic regression, and non-linear machine learning techniques for predicting response to antiretroviral treatment
M C F Prosperi, A Altmann, M Rosen-Zvi, E Aharoni, G Borgulya, F Bazso, A S{`a}nnerborg, E Schulter, D Struck, G Ulivi, others
Antiviral therapy 14(3), 433--442, International Medical Press, 2009


Sustaining lamivudine/emtricitabine, abacavir, zidovudine or atazanavir from a previous treatment shows a clinical benefit
M Rosen-Zvi, E Sch{\"u}lter, A Altmann, S Sierra-Aragon, M Zazzi, A S{\"o}nnerborg, M Oette, T Lengauer, R Kaiser
Zvi, E Schülter, A Altmann, S Sierra-Aragon, ... - 2008 - en.scientificcommons.org

The euresist approach for predicting response to anti hiv-1 therapy
A Altmann, M Rosen-Zvi, M Prosperi, E Aharoni, H Neuvirth, E Sch{"u}lter, J B{"u}ch, Y Peres, F Incardona, A S{"o}nnerborg, others
The 6th European HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, Cascais, Portugal, 2008

Consistent dimensionality reduction scheme and its application to clinical HIV data
M Rosen-Zvi, H Neuvirth, E Aharoni, M Zazzi
In other words34, 65879, Citeseer, 2008

Improved Prediction of HIV Resistance In-Vitro by Biochemically-Driven Models
H Neuvirth, M Rosen
Zvi, N Srebro, E Aharoni, M …, 2008

Comparison of classifier fusion methods for predicting response to anti HIV-1 therapy
A Altmann, M Rosen-Zvi, M Prosperi, E Aharoni, H Neuvirth, E Sch{"u}lter, J B{"u}ch, D Struck, Y Peres, F Incardona, others
PLoS One 3(10), 3470, PLoS, 2008

Selecting anti-HIV therapies based on a variety of genomic and clinical factors
M Rosen-Zvi, A Altmann, M Prosperi, E Aharoni, H Neuvirth, A Sonnerborg, E Schulter, D Struck, Y Peres, F Incardona, others
Bioinformatics 24(13), i399, Oxford Univ Press, 2008

Latent Topic Models for Hypertext
A Gruber, M Rosen
Zvi, Y Weiss - Proceedings of the 24th Conference on Uncertainty in …, 2008 - cs.huji.ac.il


Method and Computer Program Product for Wafer Manufacturing Process Abnormalities Detection
M Rosen-Zvi, J W Wong, Y Xu, E Yom-Tov
Zvi, JW Wong, Y Xu, E Yom- ... - US Patent App. 11/ ..., 2007 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent App. 11/946,064

Integration of viral genomics with clinical data to predict response to anti-HIV treatment
IST-Africa conference proceedings, 2007

Hidden topic Markov models
A Gruber, M Rosen
Zvi, Y Weiss - Proc. of the Conference on Artificial Intelligence and …, 2007 - Citeseer


The dlr hierarchy of approximate inference
M Rosen
Zvi, MI Jordan, AL Yuille - Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI), 2005 - Citeseer

Exponential family harmoniums with an application to information retrieval
M Welling, M Rosen
Zvi, G Hinton - Advances in neural information processing systems, 2005 - Citeseer


Probabilistic author-topic models for information discovery
Mark Steyvers, Padhraic Smyth, Michal Rosen-Zvi, Thomas L. Griffiths
KDD 2004, pp. 306-315

The author-topic model for authors and documents
M Rosen
Zvi, T Griffiths, M Steyvers, P Smyth - Proceedings of the 20th conference on Uncertainty in …, 2004 - portal.acm.org


Time series prediction by feedforward neural networks is it difficult?
M Rosen
Zvi, I Kanter, W Kinzel - Journal of Physics A Mathematical and General, 2003 - iop.org

Multilayer Neural Networks with Extensively Many Hidden Units
A Engel, I Kanter, M Rosen-Zvi
Physical Review Letters 87(07), 78101, APS, 2003


Generalization and capacity of extensively large two-layered perceptrons
M Rosen
Zvi, A Engel, I Kanter - Physical Review E, 2002 - APS

Cryptography based on neural networksanalytical results
M Rosen
Zvi, I Kanter, W Kinzel - J. Phys. A: Math. Gen, 2002 - iop.org

Mutual learning in a tree parity machine and its application to cryptography
M Rosen
Zvi, E Klein, I Kanter, W Kinzel - Phys. Rev. E, 2002 - APS


On-line learning in the Ising perceptron
M Rosen-Zvi
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General33, 7277--7287, Institute of Physics Publishing, 2000


Learnability of periodic activation functions: General results
M Rosen
Zvi, M Biehl, I Kanter - PHYSICAL REVIEW-SERIES E-, 1998 - APS

Training a perceptron in a discrete weight space
M RosenZvi, I Kanter
Philos. Mag. B Phys Rev E, 1998 - APS


Frequency-Domain Photon Migration in Two-Layered Tissues
M Rosen-Zvi, H Taitelbaum
OSA TOPS. On Bio-medical Optical Spectrsoropy and Diagnositics3, 101--104, 1996

Year Unknown

The HiGrid Vision--A Tightrope Walk
C. Eggenberger-Wang, S. Klein, M. Moser, K. Stanoevska-Slabeva, M. Fr\"uhwirth, A.K. Baughman, E. Hietler, P.K. Malkin, M. Rosen-Zvi, M. Soimu, others
Zvi, M Soimu..., 0

EuResist: exploration of multiple modeling techniques for prediction of response to treatment
M Zazzi, E Aharoni, A Altmann, F Bazs{'o}, P Bidgood, G Borgulya, J Denholm-Prince, M Fielder, R Kaiser, C Kent, others
5th European HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, pp. 28--30