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Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



Computational Argumentation Quality Assessment in Natural Language
Wachsmuth, Henning and Naderi, Nona and Hou, Yufang and Bilu, Yonatan and Prabhakaran, Vinodkumar and Hirst, Graeme and Stein, Benno
EACL, 2017


Claim Synthesis via Predicate Recycling
Bilu, Yonatan and Slonim, Noam
Proceedings of The 54th Annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, 2016


Automatic Claim Negation: Why, How and When.
Bilu, Y., Hershcovich, D., & Slonim, N.


Claims on demand - an initial demonstration of a system for automatic detection and polarity identification of context dependent claims in massive corpora
ask others Noam Slonim, Ehud Aharoni, Carlos Alzate, Roy Bar-Haim, Yonatan Bilu, Lena Dankin, Iris Eiron, Daniel Hershcovich, Shay Hummel, Mitesh M. Khapra, Tamar Lavee, Ran Levy, Paul Matchen, Anatoly Polnarov, Vikas C. Raykar, Ruty Rinott, Amrita S
COLING (Demos), 2014

Context dependent claim detection
Levy, R., Bilu, Y., Hershcovich, D., Aharoni, E., & Slonim, N.


On the practically interesting instances of MAXCUT
Yonatan Bilu, Amit Daniely, Nati Linial, and Mike Saks,
STACS, 2013


Are Stable Instances Easy?
Yonatan Bilu, Nathan Linial
Combinatorics, Probability & Computing 21(5), 2012


Are Stable Instances Easy?
Yonatan Bilu, Nathan Linial
ICS 2010


Comparative biology: beyond sequence analysis
Itay Tirosh, Yonatan Bilu, Naama Barkai
Current opinion in biotechnology 18(4), 371--377, Elsevier, 2007


Lifts, discrepancy and nearly optimal spectral gap
Bilu, Yonatan and Linial, Nathan
Combinatorica 26(5), 495--519, Springer, 2006

Tales of Hoffman: Three extensions of Hoffman's bound on the graph chromatic number
Yonatan Bilu
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B 96(4), 608--613, Elsevier, 2006

Faster algorithms for optimal multiple sequence alignment based on pairwise comparisons
Yonatan Bilu, Pankaj K Agarwal, Rachel Kolodny
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (TCBB) 3(4), 408--422, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2006

Conservation of expression and sequence of metabolic genes is reflected by activity across metabolic states
Yonatan Bilu, Tomer Shlomi, Naama Barkai, Eytan Ruppin
PLoS computational biology 2(8), e106, Public Library of Science, 2006

Lifts, discrepancy and nearly optimal spectral gap*
Yonatan Bilu, Nathan Linial
Combinatorica 26(5), 495--519, Springer, 2006


The design of transcription-factor binding sites is affected by combinatorial regulation
Yonatan Bilu, Naama Barkai
Genome biology 6(12), R103, BioMed Central Ltd, 2005

Monotone maps, sphericity and bounded second eigenvalue
Yonatan Bilu, Nati Linial
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B 95(2), 283--299, Elsevier, 2005


Ramanujan Signing of Regular Graphs
Yonatan Bilu, Nathan Linial
Combinatorics, Probability & Computing 13(6), 2004

Constructing expander graphs by 2-lifts and discrepancy vs. spectral gap
Yonatan Bilu, Nathan Linial
Foundations of Computer Science, 2004. Proceedings. 45th Annual IEEE Symposium on, pp. 404--412

On codes from hypergraphs
Yonatan Bilu, Shlomo Hoory
European Journal of Combinatorics 25(3), 339--354, Elsevier, 2004


ProtoNet: hierarchical classification of the protein space
Ori Sasson, Avishay Vaaknin, Hillel Fleischer, Elon Portugaly, Yonatan Bilu, Nathan Linial, Michal Linial
Nucleic acids research 31(1), 348--352, Oxford Univ Press, 2003


Functional Consequences in Metabolic Pathways from Phylogenetic Profiles.
Yonatan Bilu, Michal Linial
WABI, 2002

Functional consequences in metabolic pathways from phylogenetic profiles
Yonatan Bilu, Michal Linial
Algorithms in Bioinformatics, pp. 263--276, Springer, 2002

A gap in average proof complexity
Eli Ben-Sasson, Yonatan Bilu
Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC), 2002

Finding a randomly planted assignment in a random 3CNF
Eli Ben-Sasson, Yonatan Bilu, Danny Gutfreund
In preparation, 2002


On the predictive power of sequence similarity in yeast
Yonatan Bilu, Michal Linial
Proceedings of the fifth annual international conference on Computational biology, pp. 39--48, 2001


Foraging choices of bumblebees on equally rewarding artificial flowers of different colors
Tamar Keasar, Yonatan Bilu, Uzi Motro, Avi Shmida
Israel Journal of Plant Sciences 45(2-3), 223--233, Taylor \& Francis, 1997