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Text To Speech technology development
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



The IBM Submission to the 2008 Text-to-Speech Blizzard Challenge
R Fernandez, Z Kons, S Shechtman, Z W Shuang, R Hoory, B Ramabhadran, Y Qin
Blizzard Workshop, 2008


The Future of Text-to-Speech on Mobile Clients
R. Hoory, Z. Kons, A. Sorin
iMPE Workshop at ACM Mobile HCI 2006

Method for encoding and decoding spectral phase data for speech signals
D Chazan, Z Kons
US Patent 7,127,389, 2006 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 7,127,389

The IBM submission to the 2006 Blizzard text-to-speech challenge
E. Eide, R. Fernandez, R. Hoory, W. Hamza, Z. Kons, M. Picheny, A. Sagi, S. Shechtman, Z.W. Shuang
Blizzard Workshop, 2006


Small footprint concatenative text-to-speech synthesis system using complex spectral envelope modeling
D Chazan, R Hoory, Z Kons, A Sagi, S Shechtman, A Sorin
Ninth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology, 2005


Reducing the footprint of the IBM trainable speech synthesis system
D Chazan, R Hoory, Z Kons, D Silberstein, A Sorin
Seventh International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, 2002


Quantum response at finite fields and breakdown of Chern numbers
J E Avron and Z Kons
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 32(6097), 1999