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Multimedia Feature Extraction in the SAPIR Project
Aaron Kaplan, Jonathan Mamou, Francesco Gallo, Benjamin Sznajder
UIMA Workshop @ GSCL, 2009

Towards an Integrated Approach to Music Retrieval
E. Di Buccio, I. Masiero, M. Melucci, R. Miotto, N. Orio, Y. Mass, B. Sznajder
5th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries, 2009

A unified inverted index for an efficient image and text retrieval
J Mamou, Y Mass, M Shmueli-Scheuer, B Sznajder
Proceedings of the 32nd international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval, pp. 814--815, ACM, 2009


Metric inverted-an efficient inverted indexing method for metric spaces
B Sznajder, J Mamou, Y Mass, M Shmueli-Scheuer
Efficiency Issues in Information Retrieval Workshop, pp. 55, 2008

Combination of multiple speech transcription methods for vocabulary independent search
J Mamou, Y Mass, B Ramabhadran, B Sznajder
Searching Spontaneous Conversational Speech Workshop, SIGIR, pp. 20--27, 2008

Beyond basic faceted search
O. Ben-Yitzhak, N. Golbandi, N. Har'El, R. Lempel, A. Neumann, S. Ofek-Koifman, D. Sheinwald, E. Shekita, B. Sznajder, S. Yogev
WSDM '08: Proceedings of the international conference on Web search and web data mining, ACM, NY, 2008


Discovering concepts via semantic expansion of keyword queries
Markus Lorch, Andrea Elias, Thomas Hampp-Bahnmuller, Benjamin Sznajder:
LWA, pp. 200-204, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, 2007

A Query Language for Multimedia Content
J Mamou, Y Mass, M Shmueli-Scheuer, B Sznajder
Multimedia Information Retrieval, 17, Citeseer, 2007


Efficient evaluation of complex search queries
D Sheinwald, B Sznajder
US Patent App. 11/195,128, 2005 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent App. 11/195,128