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Research Scientist
India Research Laboratory, New Delhi, India


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Professional Associations:  American Statistical Association


Collaborative Reinforcement Learning Model for Sustainability of Cooperation in Sequential Social Dilemmas
Ritwik Chaudhuri, Kushal Mukherjee, Ramasuri Narayanam, Ayush Kumar, Antriksh Mathur, Rohith D Vallam, Shweta Garg, Sudhanshu Singh, Gyana Parija
To appear in Proceedings of AAMAS, 2019

Dynamic Particle Allocation to Solve Interactive POMDP Models for Social Decision Making Authors
Rohith D Vallam, Sarthak Ahuja, Surya Shravan Kumar Sajja, Ritwik Chaudhuri, Rakesh R Pimplikar, Kushal Mukherjee, Ramasuri Narayanam, Gyana Parija
To appear in Proceedings of AAMAS, 2019


AI Techniques for Price Prediction in Commodity Markets
Ramasuri Naryanam, Rohith Vallam, Ritwik Chaudhuri, Manish Kataria, Gyana Parija
AAAI, 2018

Collaborative Cognition for Commodity Price Prediction
Ritwik Chaudhuri, Manish Kataria, Ramasuri Narayanam, Gyana Parija
Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM), 2018


An empirical study of starting salaries and employment trends of Engineering students in India
Shrihari Vasudevan, Ritwik Chaudhuri, Sudhanshu Singh, Madhavan Pallan, Gyana Parija
Journal of Data Science, 2017

Multi-level Clustering Techniques Leveraging Expert Insight
Manu Kuchhal, Ritwik Chaudhuri, Sudhanshu Singh, Gyana Parija
Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM), 2017

Adaptive Detection of Variance Change Point
Santosh Srivastava, Ritwik Chaudhuri, Ankur Narang, Maya Gupta
Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM), 2017


Non-Gaussian Semi-Stable Laws Arising In Sampling Of Finite Point Processes
Ritwik Chaudhuri, Vladas Pipiras
Bernoulli, 2016

Outplacement Time and Probability Estimation using Discrete Event Simulation
Sudhanshu Singh, Rakesh Pimplikar, Ritwik Chaudhuri, Gyana Parija
Winter Simulation Conference (WSC), 2016