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Research Staff Member
India Research Laboratory, New Delhi, India



Validation of INSAT-3D temperature and moisture sounding retrievals using matched radiosonde measurements
Singh, Tarkeshwar and Mittal, Rashmi and Shukla, Munn Vinayak
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DYNAMICO-1.0, an icosahedral hydrostatic dynamical core designed for consistency and versatility
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Evaluation and enhancement of weather application performance on Blue Gene/Q
Gill, Gurbinder Singh and Saxena, Vaibhav and Mittal, Rashmi and George, Thomas and Sabharwal, Yogish and Dagar, Lalit
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Enabling high-resolution forecasting of severe weather and flooding events in Rio de Janeiro
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Performance evaluation and optimization of nested high resolution weather simulations
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On simplifying  incremental remap --based transport schemes
Lauritzen, Peter H and Erath, Christoph and Mittal, Rashmi
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A flux-form version of the conservative semi-Lagrangian multi-tracer transport scheme (CSLAM) on the cubed sphere grid
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Monotonic limiters for a second-order finite-volume advection scheme using icosahedral-hexagonal meshes
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On Near-diffusion-free advection over spherical geodesic grids
Mittal, Rashmi and Upadhyaya, HC and Sharma, Om P
Monthly Weather Review 135(12), 4214--4225, 2007