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Advisory Software Scientist - CPLEX Optimizer


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Professional Associations:  Mathematical Optimization Society


Improving branch-and-cut performance by random sampling
Matteo Fischetti, Andrea Lodi, Michele Monaci, Domenico Salvagnin, Andrea Tramontani
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On mathematical programming with indicator constraints
Pierre Bonami, Andrea Lodi, Andrea Tramontani, Sven Wiese
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Andrea Lodi, Andrea Tramontani
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Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay Gunluk, Andrea Lodi, Andrea Tramontani
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Enhanced mixed integer programming techniques and routing problems
Andrea Tramontani
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Matteo Fischetti, Andrea Lodi, Andrea Tramontani
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Majid Salari, Paolo Toth, Andrea Tramontani
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Improving on Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for Generalized Minimum Spanning Trees
Corinne Feremans, Andrea Lodi, Paolo Toth, Andrea Tramontani
Pacific Journal of Optimization 1(3), 491 -- 508, 2005

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