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Tokyo Research Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan


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Professional Associations:  IPSJ


Quantum Computing Simulator on a Heterogenous HPC System
Jun Doi, Hitomi Takahashi, Rudy Raymond, Takashi Imamichi and Hiroshi Horii
ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers 2019


HPC Deployment of QISKit
IBM Research Editorial Staff
IBM Research Blog, 2018


Optimizing Schedule for Parallel Software Deployments Based on Profiles of Network Activity and Installation Time in Cloud Environments
Hitomi Takahashi, Yasuharu Katsuno
IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD 2016)

Security, Compliance, and Agile Deployment of Personal Identifiable Information Solutions on a Public Cloud
Yasuharu Katsuno, Ashish Kundu, Koushik Das, Hitomi Takahashi, Robert Schloss, Prasenjit Dey, Mukesh Mohania
IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD 2016)


An Automated Parallel Approach for Rapid Deployment of Composite Application Servers
Katsuno, Yasuharu and Takahashi, Hitomi
Cloud Engineering (IC2E), 2015 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 126--134


Innovative IaaS Management System for Sensor Devices and IT Resources
Hitomi Takahashi, Takayuki Kushida
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks2014, Hindawi Publishing Corporation


Sensor Cloud : Extended Cloud Computing Enviroment to Use Sensor Devices as IT Resources (in Japanese)
Hitomi Takahashi, Takayuki Kushida
IPSJ Journal, 2013

Total Energy Management System for Cloud Computing
Fumiko Satoh, Hiroki Yanagisawa, Hitomi Takahashi, Takayuki Kushida
Cloud Engineering (IC2E), 2013 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 233--240


An analytical method for transitions of state equation in the ECU software simulation (in Japanese)
Hitomi Takahashi, Gang Zhang, Hideaki Komatsu
IPSJ, MBL, 2010


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