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Research Staff Member, Ph.D.
IBM Research - Tokyo, Japan


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Professional Associations:  IPSJ Senior Member


Multi-Factor-Based Motion Detection for Server Rack Doors Left Open
Ruriko Kudo, Yasuharu Katsuno, and Fumiko Satoh
IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2020)


[Best Paper Award] Modeling Sentiment Polarity in Support Ticket Data for Predicting Cloud Service Subscription Renewal
Kugamoorthy Gajananan, Pablo Loyola, YasuharuKatsuno, Asim Munawar, Trent Scott, Fumiko Satoh
IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2018)


Security, Compliance, and Agile Deployment of Personal Identifiable Information Solutions on a Public Cloud
Katsuno, Yasuharu and Kundu, Ashish and Das, Koushik K and Takahashi, Hitomi and Schloss, Robert and Dey, Prasenjit and Mohania, Mukesh
Cloud Computing (CLOUD), 2016 IEEE 9th International Conference on, pp. 359--366

Optimizing Schedule for Parallel Software Deployments Based on Profiles of Network Activity and Installation Time in Cloud Environments
Hitomi Takahashi, Yasuharu Katsuno
IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD 2016)


An Automated Parallel Approach for Rapid Deployment of Composite Application Servers
Yasuharu Katsuno, Hitomi Takahashi
IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E) 2015


Probabilistic packet marking method considering topology property for efficiently re-building dos attack paths
Kanaoka, Akira and Okada, Masayuki and Katsuno, Yasuharu and Okamoto, Eiji
IPSJ Journal 52(3), 2011

32-bit AS Number Based IP Traceback
Masayuki Okada, Yasuharu Katsuno, Akira Kanaoka, Eiji Okamoto
Fifth International Conference on Innovative Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing (IMIS), 2011

Multi cloud management for unified cloud services across cloud sites
Tiancheng Liu, Yasuharu Katsuno, Kewei Sun, Ying Li, Takayuki Kushida, Ying Chen, Mayumi Itakura
Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems (CCIS), 2011 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 164--169


A Pluggable Domain Management Approach for Building Practical Distributed Coalitions
Yasuharu Katsuno, Yuji Watanabe, Michiharu Kudo, Eiji Okamoto
Availability, Reliability and Security, 2009. ARES'09. International Conference on, pp. 1--8


Chinese-wall process confinement for practical distributed coalitions
Yasuharu Katsuno, Yuji Watanabe, Sanehiro Furuichi, Michiharu Kudo
Proceedings of the 12th ACM symposium on Access control models and technologies, pp. 225--234, 2007


Layering negotiations for flexible attestation
Yasuharu Katsuno, Yuji Watanabe, Sachiko Yoshihama, Takuya Mishina, Michiharu Kudoh
Proceedings of the first ACM workshop on Scalable trusted computing, pp. 17--20, 2006

Towards multi-layer trusted virtual domains
Yasuharu Katsuno, Michiharu Kudo, Ronald Perez, Reiner Sailer, Yuji Watanabe, Sachiko Yoshihama, Leendert Doorn
the 2nd Workshop on Advances in Trusted Computing, 2006


Autonomic network configuration for networkable digital appliances
Yasuharu Katsuno, Toru Aihara
Consumer Electronics, IEEE Transactions on 51(2), 494--500, IEEE, 2005


Magical device: A small device that makes it easy to build real-world navigation systems
Yasuharu Katsuno, Ryohji Honda
Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 2000 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 914--919


Agent augmented community: Human-to-human and human-to-environment interactions enhanced by situation-aware personalized mobile agents
Nagao, Katashi and Katsuno, Yasuharu
Community computing and support systems, 342--358, Springer, 1998


A Java front-end approach for programming mobile agents
Katsuno, Yasuharu and Murata, Ken-ichi and Tokoro, Mario
Proceedings of OOPSLA, 1997