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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  IEEE Computer Society  |  Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)  |  Japan Society for Software Science and Technology


MVA-based Probabilistic Model of Shared Memory with a Round Robin Arbiter for Predicting Performance With Heterogeneous Workload
Ryo Kawahara, Kouichi Ono, and Takeo Nakada
International Conference on Multicore Software Engineering, Performance, and Tools MUSEPAT 2013, pp. 13--24


System-Level Energy Estimation for SoC based on the Dynamic Behavior of Embedded Software
Yoshifumi Sakamoto, Kouichi Ono, Takeo Nakada, Yousuke Kubo, Hiroto Yasuura
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology59, 2011

Model-Driven Approach for End-to-End SOA Security Configurations
Fumiko Satoh, Yuichi Nakamura, Nirmal K Mukhi, Michiaki Tatsubori, Kouichi Ono
Non-Functional Properties in Service Oriented Architecture: Requirements, Models and Methods, 268--298, 2011

Coarse-grained simulation method for performance evaluation of a shared memory system
Ryo Kawahara, Kenta Nakamura, Kouichi Ono, Takeo Nakada, Yoshifumi Sakamoto
Proceedings of the 16th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference, pp. 413--418, 2011


A Model-based Method for Architectural Design and Performance Evaluation of Embedded Systems (in Japanese)
Y. Sakamoto, M. Toyota, K. Ono, R. Kawahara, S. Nagai, T. Nakada
ProVISION (in Japanese) 64(Winter), 89-95, IBM Japan, 2010

A Dynamic Verification Method of Executable UML/SysML Models with Timed-Functional Constraints
Kouichi Ono, Hiroaki Nakamura, Hiroshi Ishikawa
Computer Software 27(2), Japan Society for Software Science and Technology, 2010

A modeling method by eliminating execution traces for performance evaluation
Kouichi Ono, Manabu Toyota, Ryo Kawahara, Yoshifumi Sakamoto, Takeo Nakada, Naoaki Fukuoka
Proceedings of the Conference on Design, Automation and Test in Europe, pp. 1337--1340, 2010

A model-based method for evaluating embedded system performance by abstraction of execution traces
Kouichi Ono, Manabu Toyota, Ryo Kawahara, Yoshifumi Sakamoto, Takeo Nakada, Naoaki Fukuoka
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Verification of embedded system's specification using collaborative simulation of SysML and simulink models
Ryo Kawahara, Hiroaki Nakamura, Dolev Dotan, Andrei Kirshin, Takashi Sakairi, Shinichi Hirose, Kohichi Ono, Hiroshi Ishikawa
Model-Based Systems Engineering, 2009. MBSE'09. International Conference on, pp. 21--28


DHTML accessibility checking based on static JavaScript analysis
Takaaki Tateishi, Hisashi Miyashita, Tabuchi Naoshi, Shin Saito, Kouichi Ono
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Verifying the consistency of security policies by abstracting into security types
Kouichi Ono, Yuichi Nakamura, Fumiko Satoh, Takaaki Tateishi
Web Services, 2007. ICWS 2007. IEEE International Conference on, pp. 497--504


Automated verification tool for DHTML
Takaaki Tateishi, Hisashi Miyashita, Kouichi Ono, Shin Saito
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Adding Authentication to model driven security
Fumiko Satoh, Yuichi Nakamura, Koichi Ono
Web Services, 2006. ICWS'06. International Conference on, pp. 585--594


Model-driven security based on a web services security architecture
Yuichi Nakamura, Michiaki Tatsubori, Takeshi Imamura, Koichi Ono
Services Computing, 2005 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 7--15


Generating transformational annotation for web document adaptation: tool support and empirical evaluation
Masahiro Hori, Kouichi Ono, Mari Abe, Teruo Koyanagi
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An authoring technology for multidevice Web applications
G. Banavar, L. Bergman, R. Cardone, V. Chevalier, Y. Gaeremynck, F. Giraud, C. Halverson, S. Hirose, M. Hori, F. Kitayama, G. Kondoh, A. Kundu, K. Ono, A. Schade, D. Soroker, K. Winz
IEEE Pervasive Computing 3(3), 83--93, Published by the IEEE Computer Society, 2004

Model-driven development of large-scale Web applications
Hideki Tai, Kinichi Mitsui, Takashi Nerome, Mari Abe, Kouichi Ono, Masahiro Hori
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Extensible framework of authoring tools for Web document annotation
Masahiro Hori, Mari Abe, Kouichi Ono
Proceedings of International Workshop on Semantic Web Foundations and Application Technologies (SWFAT), pp. 1--8, 2003


XSLT stylesheet generation by example with WYSIWYG editing
Kouichi Ono, Teruo Koyanagi, Mari Abe, Masahiro Hori
Applications and the Internet, 2002.(SAINT 2002). Proceedings. 2002 Symposium on, pp. 150--159

A security scheme for Aglets
Kouichi Ono, Hideki Tai
Software: Practice and Experience 32(6), 497--514, Wiley Online Library, 2002

Annotation by transformation for the automatic generation of content customization metadata
Masahiro Hori, Kouichi Ono, Teruo Koyanagi, Mari Abe
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A metric for frameworks based on the deviation of user’s understanding from the manufacturer’s intention
Ryuichi Kuroda, Kouichi Ono, Yoshiaki Fukazawa
Proc. of the 4th. International Conference on Information Systems Modelling (ISM’01), pp. 103--110, 2001


Annotation-based web content transcoding
Masahiro Hori, Goh Kondoh, Kouichi Ono, Shin-ichi Hirose, Sandeep Singhal
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A security model for mobile agent framework aglets
Kouichi Ono, Mitsuru Oshima
1st Workshop on Internet Technology (WIT'98), August, 1998

Aglets specification 1.1 draft
Mitsuru Oshima, Guenter Karjoth, Kouichi Ono
Whitepaper Draft 0.65, Sept8, 1998

Aglets Specification 1.1 Draft., IBM Corp
M Oshima, K Guenter, K Ono

MASIF: The OMG mobile agent system interoperability facility
Dejan Milojicic, Markus Breugst, Ingo Busse, John Campbell, Stefan Covaci, Barry Friedman, Kazuya Kosaka, Danny Lange, Kouichi Ono, Mitsuru Oshima, others
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Application of verification method and a decomposition method to program modification
Kouichi Ono, Katsuhisa Maruyama, Yoshiaki Fukuzawa
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A resolution method from predicate logic specification into executable code
K Ono, S Kawano, Yoshiaki Fukazawa, T Kadokura
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The applicability of formal specification to maintenance of large-scale software
Seiichi Kawano, Kouichi Ono, Yoshiaki Fukazawa, Toshio Kadokura
Journal of information processing 14(3), 301--309, 一般社団法人情報処理学会, 1991

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Errata for Coarse-grained simulation method for performance evaluation a of shared memory system
Ryo Kawahara, Kenta Nakamura, Kouichi Ono, Takeo Nakada, Yoshifumi Sakamoto
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