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Professional Associations:  Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)

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Analytics and visualization of citation network applying topic-based clustering
Nakazawa, Rina and Itoh, Takayuki and Saito, Takafumi
Journal of Visualization, 1--13, Springer, 2018


Taming Performance Degradation of Containers in the Case of Extreme Memory Overcommitment
Rina Nakazawa (IBM Research) Kazunori Ogata (IBM Research ) Seetharami Seelam (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center US) Tamiya Onodera (IBM Research )
IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing, 2017

Convergent drawing for mutually connected directed graphs
Toeda, Naoko and Nakazawa, Rina and Itoh, Takayuki and Saito, Takafumi and Archambault, Daniel
Journal of Visual Languages & Computing43, 83--90, Elsevier, 2017


On Edge Bundling and Node Layout for Mutually Connected Directed Graphs
Naoko Toeda, Rina Nakazawa, Takayuki Itoh, Takafumi Saito, and Daniel W Archambault
Information Visualisation (IV), 2016 20th International Conference, pp. 94--99


A Visualization of Research Papers Based on the Topics and Citation Network
Rina Nakazawa, Takayuki Itoh, Takafumi Saito
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Integrated visualization of gene network and ontology applying a hierarchical graph visualization technique
Rina Nakazawa, Takayuki Itoh, Jun Sese, Aika Terada
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