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Senior Manager, FSS & Blockchain Solutions
Tokyo Research Laboratory, Yamato, Japan


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ICHIGAN Security-A Security Architecture That Enables Situation-Based Policy Switching
Hiroshi Maruyama, Kiyoshi Watanabe, Sachiko Yoshihama, Naohiko Uramoto, Yoichiro Takehora, Kazuhiro Minami
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Sachiko Yoshihama
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Agenda and response to information security management in cloud computing
Masashi Une, Masataka Suzuki, and Sachiko Yoshihama,

Web-based Data Leakage Prevention
Sachiko Yoshihama, Takuya Mishina, Tsutomu Matsumoto
International Workshop on Security (IWSEC) 2010, Nov 22-24, 2010, Kobe, Japan.


Adaptive Security Dialogs for Improved Security Behavior of Users
Frederik De Keukelaere, Sachiko Yoshihama, Scott Trent, Yu Zhang, Lin Luo, Mary Ellen Zurko
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Information-flow-based Access Control for Web Browsers
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Integrity Management Infrastructure for Trusted Computing
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Beyond XSS-Towards Universal Content Filtering
Sachiko Yoshihama, Ai Ishida, Naohiko Uramoto
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Dynamic information flow control architecture for web applications
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Security Model for the Client-Side Web Application Environments
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Language-based information flow control in dynamic approach
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Bridging the gap between inter-communication boundary and internal trusted components
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Layering negotiations for flexible attestation
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Trusted platform on demand (TPod)
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Assurance of Web Services
Sachiko Yoshihama, Paula K Austel, Hiroshi Maruyama
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Managing behavior of intelligent environments
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MyTeam: Availability Awareness Through the Use of Sensor Data.
Jennifer Lai, Sachiko Yoshihama, Thomas Bridgman, Mark Podlaseck, Paul B Chou, Danny C Wong


Personalizing Behavior in Context-Aware Workspaces
Sachiko Yoshihama, Paul Chou, Danny Wong, 2002


BlueSpace: Creating a personalized and context-aware workspace
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Relat\'orio t\'ecnico1, 10--75, 2001