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Research Manager
IBM Research - Africa


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Cursor Activity Evaluation For Search Result Enhancement
White, Ryen William and Buscher, Georg LW and Dumais, Susan T and Huang, Jeff and Wang, Kuansan and Diriye, Abdigani M
US Patent App. 13/423,243


Query reformulation in association with a search box
Kumaran, Giridhar and Govani, Tabreez and Diriye, Abdigani Mohamed
US Patent App. 13/004,673


User Interface for Interactive Query Reformulation
Kumar, Girish and Ahari, Sanaz and Hosseini, Farid and Wu, Mingrui and Abdulkader, Ahmad and Gupta, Ankur and Kumaran, Giridhar and Diriye, Abdigani M
US Patent App. 12/969,218