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Computational Chemistry Research
Daresbury UK



Machine Learning of Dynamic Electron Correlation Energies from Topological Atoms
James L. McDonagh, Arnaldo F. Silva, Mark A. Vincent, Paul L. A. Popelier
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2017
PMID: 29211469

The effects of higher orders of perturbation theory on the correlation energy of atoms and bonds in molecules
Mark A Vincent, Arnaldo F Silva, James L McDonagh, Paul LA Popelier
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 2017

Quantifying Electron Correlation of the Chemical Bond
James L McDonagh, Arnaldo F Silva, Mark A Vincent, Paul LA Popelier
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Are the sublimation thermodynamics of organic molecules predictable?
James L McDonagh, David S Palmer, Tanja van Mourik, John BO Mitchell
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Bringing computational science to the public
James L McDonagh, Daniel Barker, Rosanna G Alderson
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University-level practical activities in bioinformatics benefit voluntary groups of pupils in the last 2 years of school
Stuart D. Sweeney Daniel Barker
International Journal of STEM Education 2(17), http--dx, Spinger, 2015

Predicting melting points of organic molecules: applications to aqueous solubility prediction using the General Solubility Equation
JL McDonagh, Tanja van Mourik, John BO Mitchell
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Computing the aqueous solubility of organic drug-like molecules and understanding hydrophobicity (Thesis)
James L McDonagh
Ph.D. Thesis, 2015

A review of methods for the calculation of solution free energies and the modelling of systems in solution
RE Skyner, JL McDonagh, CR Groom, T van Mourik, JBO Mitchell
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17(9), 6174--6191, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015


Uniting cheminformatics and chemical theory to predict the intrinsic aqueous solubility of crystalline druglike molecules
James L McDonagh, Neetika Nath, Luna De Ferrari, Tanja Van Mourik, John BO Mitchell
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Enzyme informatics
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