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IBM Distinguished Engineer, Past President IBM Academy of Technology


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Professional Associations:  British Computer Society

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The New Patterns of Innovation
Rashik Parmar, Ian Mackenzie, David Cohn, David Gann
Harvard Business Review92, 86--95, 2014


Using Standards to enable the transformation to Smarter Cities
J Hogan, J Meegan, R Parmar, V Narayan, R Schloss
IBM Journal of Research and Development 55(1), 4:1-4:10, IBM, 2011

Year Unknown

Smarter Cities
C Harrison, J Paraszczak, RP Williams, EM Huestis, JL Snowdon, K Besserud, T Hussey, YK Juan, L Wang, J Wang, others
ieeexplore.ieee.org, 0

Case Study 17: Information Technology Enabled Business Platforms
R Parmar
Produced by Centre for Service Research, Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester in collaboration with SRII Service Innovation SIG, 53, 0