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Nanoscale Science and Technology
T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  American Physical Society (APS)  |  Materials Research Society (MRS)


Intrinsically ultrastrong light-matter interactions in crystalline films of carbon nanotubes
Po-Hsun Ho, Damon B. Farmer, George S. Tulevski, Shu-Jen Han, Douglas M. Bishop, Lynne M. Gignac, Jim Bucchignano, Phaedon Avouris, and Abram L. Falk
arXiv:1803.01087, 2018


Spatially Selective, High Density Placement of Polyfluorene-Sorted Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes in Organic Solvents
Bharat Kumar, Abram L. Falk, Ali Afzali, George Tulevski, Satoshi Oida, Shu-Jen Han, and James B. Hannon
ACS Nano, ACS Publications, 2017

High-speed logic integrated circuits with solution-processed self-assembled carbon nanotubes
Shu-Jen Han, Jianshi Tang, Bharat Kumar, Abram Falk, Damon Farmer, George Tulevski, Keith Jenkins, Ali Afzali, Satoshi Oida, John Ott, James Hannon, Wilfried Haensch
Nature Nanotechnology 115, 2017

Strong and Broadly Tunable Plasmon Resonances in Thick Films of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
Kuan-Chang Chiu, Abram L. Falk, Po-Hsun Ho, Damon B. Farmer, George Tulevski, Yi-Hsien Lee, Phaedon Avouris, and Shu-Jen Han
Nano Letters, 2017

Coherent plasmon and phonon-plasmon resonances in carbon nanotubes
Abram L. Falk, Kuan-Chang Chiu, Damon B. Farmer, Qing Cao, Jerry Tersoff, Yi-Hsien Lee, Phaedon Avouris, Shu-Jen Han
Physical Review Letters 257401, 1-6, 2017


Quantum decoherence dynamics of divacancy spins in silicon carbide
Hosung Seo, Abram L. Falk, Paul V. Klimov, Kevin C. Miao, Giulia Galli, David D. Awschalom
Nature Communications 7, 12935, 2016

High fidelity bi-directional nuclear qubit initialization in SiC
V Ivady, PV Klimov, K Miao, AL Falk, DJ Christle, K Szasz, IA Abrikosov, DD Awschalom, A Gali
Physical Review Letters 117, 220503, 2016

Optical Nuclear Spin Polarization of Divacancies in SiC
V Ivady, K Szasz, AL Falk, PV Klimov, DJ Christle, WF Koehl, E Janzen, IA Abrikosov, DD Awschalom, and A Gali
Materials Science Forum, pp. 287-290, 2016


Quantum entanglement at ambient conditions in a macroscopic solid-state spin ensemble
Paul V. Klimov, Abram L. Falk, David J. Christle, Viatcheslav V. Dobrovitsk, and David D. Awschalom
Science Advances 1(10), e1501015, AAAS, 2015

Theoretical model of dynamic spin polarization of nuclei coupled to paramagnetic point defects in diamond and silicon carbide
Viktor Ivady, Krisztian Szasz, Abram L. Falk, Paul V. Klimov, David J. Christle, Erik Janzen, Igor A. Abrikosov, David D. Awschalom, and Adam Gali
Physical Review B 92, 115206, 2015

Optical Polarization of Nuclear Spins in Silicon Carbide
Abram L Falk, Paul V Klimov, Viktor Ivady, Krisztian Szasz, David J Christle, William F Koehl, Adam Gali, David D Awschalom
Physical Review Letters 114, 247603, 2015


Electrically driven spin resonance in silicon carbide color centers
PV Klimov, AL Falk, BB Buckley, DD Awschalom
Physical Review Letters 112(8), 087601, APS, 2014

Isolated electron spins in silicon carbide with millisecond coherence times
David J Christle, Abram L Falk, Paolo Andrich, Paul V Klimov, Jawad Ul Hassan, Nguyen T Son, Erik Janz\'en, Takeshi Ohshima, David D Awschalom
Nature materials, Nature Publishing Group, 2014

Electrically and mechanically tunable electron spins in silicon carbide color centers
Abram L Falk, Paul V Klimov, Bob B Buckley, Viktor Iv\'ady, Igor A Abrikosov, Greg Calusine, William F Koehl, \'Ad\'am Gali, David D Awschalom
Physical review letters 112(18), 187601, APS, 2014


Quantum optics: Spins charge ahead
Abram L Falk, David D Awschalom
Nature Photonics 7(7), 510--511, Nature Publishing Group, 2013

Quantum control over single spins in diamond
VV Dobrovitski, GD Fuchs, AL Falk, C Santori, DD Awschalom
Annu. Rev. Condens. Matter Phys. 4(1), 23--50, Annual Reviews, 2013

Polytype control of spin qubits in silicon carbide
Abram L Falk, Bob B Buckley, Greg Calusine, William F Koehl, Viatcheslav V Dobrovitski, Alberto Politi, Christian A Zorman, Philip X-L Feng, David D Awschalom
Nature communications 4, 1819, Nature Publishing Group, 2013


Spin coherence during optical excitation of a single nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
GD Fuchs, AL Falk, VV Dobrovitski, DD Awschalom
Physical review letters 108(15), 157602, APS, 2012


Gate-activated photoresponse in a graphene p--n junction
Max C Lemme, Frank HL Koppens, Abram L Falk, Mark S Rudner, Hongkun Park, Leonid S Levitov, Charles M Marcus
Nano letters 11(10), 4134--4137, ACS Publications, 2011


Near-field electrical detection of optical plasmons and single-plasmon sources
Abram L Falk, Frank HL Koppens, L Yu Chun, Kibum Kang, Nathalie de Leon Snapp, Alexey V Akimov, Moon-Ho Jo, Mikhail D Lukin, Hongkun Park
Nature Physics 5(7), 475--479, Nature Publishing Group, 2009


Minimum voltage for threshold switching in nanoscale phase-change memory
Dong Yu, Sarah Brittman, Jin Seok Lee, Abram L Falk, Hongkun Park
Nano letters 8(10), 3429--3433, ACS Publications, 2008


Magnetic switching of phase-slip dissipation in NbSe 2 nanoribbons
Abram Falk, Mandar M Deshmukh, Amy L Prieto, Jeffrey J Urban, Andrea Jonas, Hongkun Park
Physical Review B 75(2), 020501, APS, 2007

Current-Driven Phase Oscillation and Domain-Wall Propagation in W x V1-x O2 Nanobeams
Qian Gu, Abram Falk, Junqiao Wu, Lian Ouyang, Hongkun Park
Nano letters 7(2), 363--366, ACS Publications, 2007


Spheromak merging and field reversed configuration formation at the Swarthmore Spheromak Experiment
CD Cothran, A Falk, A Fefferman, M Landreman, MR Brown, MJ Schaffer
Physics of Plasmas (1994-present) 10(5), 1748--1754, AIP Publishing, 2003