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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



A Statistical Method for Learning the Residual Quickly, Accurately, and Language Independently
Anni Coden, Daniel Gruhl, Neal Lewis, Michael Tanenblatt
Snowbird Workshop, 2012


The ConceptMapper Approach to Named Entity Recognition
Michael Tanenblatt, Anni Coden, Igor Sominsky
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Automatically extracting cancer disease characteristics from pathology reports into a Disease Knowledge Representation Model
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Analysis of clinical uncertainties by health professionals and patients: an example from mental health
K. Lloyd, M Cella, M. Tanenblatt, A Coden
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Interactive Exploration of Model-Based Automatically Extracted Data
A Coden, I Sominsky, M Tanenblatt
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Word sense disambiguation across two domains: Biomedical literature and clinical notes
G. Savova, A. Coden, I. Sominsky, R. Johnson, P. Ogren, P. C. de Groen, C. G. Chute
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CFE - a system for testing, evaluation and machine learning of UIMA based applications
I. Sominsky, A. Coden, M. Tanenblatt
LREC 2008

JANUS: A system for annotating vetting and testing natural language processing systems
M. Tanenblatt, A. Coden, I. Sominsky
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Text Analysis Integrated into a Medical Information Retrieval System: Challenges related to Word Sense Disambiguation
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Domain-specific language models and lexicons for tagging
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A. R. Bruss (Coden)
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On Time-Space Classes and Their Relation to the Theory of Real Addition
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