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Software Engineering Researcher
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Professional Associations:  IEEE   |  SPIE -- International Society of Optical Engineering


Miniature contactless fingerprinting device
Sam Mil'shtein, Chris Leger, Anup Pillai, Zachary Durkee, Shiv D Sharma
US Patent App. 14/538,182

Circumferential contact-less line scanning of biometric objects
Samson Mil'shtein, John Palma, Christopher Liessner, Michael Baier, Anup Pillai, Ameya Shendye
US Patent 8,737,698


System and method for identification of fingerprints and mapping of blood vessels in a finger
Samson Mil'shtein, Michael Baier, Anup Pillai, Ameya M Shendye
US Patent App. 12/777,624