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An Empirical Relation between the Large-scale Magnetic Field and the Dynamical Mass in Galaxies
F.~S. Tabatabaei, T.~P.~K. Martinsson, J.~H. Knapen, J.~E. Beckman, B. Koribalski, B.~G. Elmegreen
\apjl818, L10, 2016

The Kennicutt-Schmidt Relation in Extremely Metal-Poor Dwarf Galaxies
M.~E. Filho, J. S{\'anchez Almeida}, R. Amor{\'{\i}n}, C. Mu{\~noz-Tu\~n\'on}, B.~G. Elmegreen, D.~M. Elmegreen
\apj820, 109, 2016

Gas inflow and metallicity drops in star-forming galaxies
D. Ceverino, J. S{\'anchez Almeida}, C. Mu{\~noz Tu\~n\'on}, A. Dekel, B.~G. Elmegreen, D.~M. Elmegreen, J. Primack
\mnras457, 2605-2612, 2016

High Star Formation Rates in Turbulent Atomic-dominated Gas in the Interacting Galaxies IC 2163 and NGC 2207
B.~G. Elmegreen, M. Kaufman, F. Bournaud, D.~M. Elmegreen, C. Struck, E. Brinks, S. Juneau
\apj823, 26, 2016

Herschel Spectroscopic Observations of Little Things Dwarf Galaxies
Cigan, Phil; Young, Lisa; Cormier, Diane; Lebouteiller, Vianney; Madden, Suzanne; Hunter, Deidre; Brinks, Elias; Elmegreen, Bruce; Schruba, Andreas; Heesen, Volker
Astronomical Journal 151(14), 2016

H$\alpha$ kinematics of S$^4$G spiral galaxies - III. Inner rotation curves
S. Erroz-Ferrer, J.~H. Knapen, R. Leaman, S. D{\'{\i}az-Garc\'{\i}a}, H. Salo, E. Laurikainen, M. Querejeta, J.~C. Mu{\~noz-Mateos}, E. Athanassoula, A. Bosma, S. Comer{\'on}, B.~G. Elmegreen, I. Mart{\'{\i}nez-Valpuesta}
\mnras458, 1199-1213, 2016

Young Star Clusters in the Outer Disks of LITTLE THINGS Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
D.~A. Hunter, B.~G. Elmegreen, E. Gehret
\aj151, 136, 2016

Surface Brightness Profiles of Dwarf Galaxies. II. Color Trends and Mass Profiles
K.~A. Herrmann, D.~A. Hunter, B.~G. Elmegreen
\aj151, 145, 2016

Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Accretion-Induced Star Formation in the Tadpole Galaxy Kiso 5639
D.~M. Elmegreen, B.~G. Elmegreen, J. S{\'anchez Almeida}, C. Mu{\~noz-Tu\~n\'on}, J. Mendez-Abreu, J.~S. Gallagher, M. Rafelski, M. Filho, D. Ceverino
\apj825, 145, 2016


Gridlock Models with the IBM Mega Traffic Simulator: Dependency on Vehicle Acceleration and Road Structure
Bruce G. Elmegreen, Tayfun Gokmen, Biruk Habtemariam
Technical Report RC25550, IBM Research Report, 2015

Localized Starbursts in Dwarf Galaxies Produced by the Impact of Low-metallicity Cosmic Gas Clouds
J. Sanchez Almeida, B.~G. Elmegreen, C. Munoz-Tunon, D.~M. Elmegreen, E. Perez-Montero, R. Amorin}, M.~E. Filho, Y. Ascasibar, P. Papaderos, J.~M. Vilchez
Astrophysical Journal Letters810, L15, 2015

Dense cloud cores revealed by CO in the low metallicity dwarf galaxy WLM
M. Rubio, B.~G. Elmegreen, D.~A. Hunter, E. Brinks, J.~R. Cort{\'es}, P. Cigan
\nat525, 218-221, 2015

The Brightest Young Star Clusters in NGC 5253.
D. Calzetti, K.~E. Johnson, A. Adamo, J.~S. Gallagher III, J.~E. Andrews, L.~J. Smith, G.~C. Clayton, J.~C. Lee, E. Sabbi, L. Ubeda, H. Kim, J.~E. Ryon, D. Thilker, S.~N. Bright, E. Zackrisson, R.~C. Kennicutt, S.~E. de Mink, B.~C. Whitmore, A. Aloisi, R.
\apj811, 75, 2015

On the Star Formation Law for Spiral and Irregular Galaxies
B.~G. Elmegreen
\apjl814, L30, 2015

The Spatial Distribution of the Young Stellar Clusters in the Star-forming Galaxy NGC 628
K. Grasha, D. Calzetti, A. Adamo, H. Kim, B.~G. Elmegreen, D.~A. Gouliermis, A. Aloisi, S.~N. Bright, C. Christian, M. Cignoni, D.~A. Dale, C. Dobbs, D.~M. Elmegreen, M. Fumagalli, J.~S. Gallagher III, E.~K. Grebel, K.~E. Johnson, J.~C. Lee, M. Messa, L.~
\apj815, 93, 2015

Environmental regulation of cloud and star formation in galactic bars
F. Renaud, F. Bournaud, E. Emsellem, O. Agertz, E. Athanassoula, F. Combes, B. Elmegreen, K. Kraljic, F. Motte, R. Teyssier
\mnras454, 3299-3310, 2015

The Mass Profile and Shape of Bars in the Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S$^4$G): Search for an Age Indicator for Bars
T. Kim, K. Sheth, D.~A. Gadotti, M.~G. Lee, D. Zaritsky, B.~G. Elmegreen, E. Athanassoula, A. Bosma, B. Holwerda, L.~C. Ho, S. Comer{\'on}, J.~H. Knapen, J.~L. Hinz, J.-C. Mu{\~noz-Mateos}, S. Erroz-Ferrer, R.~J. Buta, M. Kim, E. Laurikainen, H. Salo, B.~
\apj799, 99, 2015

The interplay between a galactic bar and a supermassive black hole: nuclear fuelling in a subparsec resolution galaxy simulation
E. Emsellem, F. Renaud, F. Bournaud, B. Elmegreen, F. Combes, J.~M. Gabor
\mnras446, 2468-2482, 2015

Legacy Extragalactic UV Survey (LEGUS) With the Hubble Space Telescope. I. Survey Description
D. Calzetti, J.~C. Lee, E. Sabbi, A. Adamo, L.~J. Smith, J.~E. Andrews, L. Ubeda, S.~N. Bright, D. Thilker, A. Aloisi, T.~M. Brown, R. Chandar, C. Christian, M. Cignoni, G.~C. Clayton, R. da Silva, S.~E. de Mink, C. Dobbs, B.~G. Elmegreen, D.~M. Elmegreen
\aj149, 51, 2015

Globular Cluster Populations: First Results from S$^4$G Early-type Galaxies
D. Zaritsky, M. Aravena, E. Athanassoula, A. Bosma, S. Comer{\'on}, B.~G. Elmegreen, S. Erroz-Ferrer, D.~A. Gadotti, J.~L. Hinz, L.~C. Ho, B. Holwerda, J.~H. Knapen, J. Laine, E. Laurikainen, J.~C. Mu{\~noz-Mateos}, H. Salo, K. Sheth
\apj799, 159, 2015

High-resolution Mass Models of Dwarf Galaxies from LITTLE THINGS
S.-H. Oh, D.~A. Hunter, E. Brinks, B.~G. Elmegreen, A. Schruba, F. Walter, M.~P. Rupen, L.~M. Young, C.~E. Simpson, M.~C. Johnson, K.~A. Herrmann, D. Ficut-Vicas, P. Cigan, V. Heesen, T. Ashley, H.-X. Zhang
\aj149, 180, 2015

A Star Formation Law for Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
B.~G. Elmegreen, D.~A. Hunter
\apj805, 145, 2015

The Odd Offset between the Galactic Disk and Its Bar in NGC\~3906
B. de Swardt, K. Sheth, T. Kim, S. Pardy, E. D{\rsquo Onghia}, E. Wilcots, J. Hinz, J.-C. Mu{\~noz-Mateos}, M.~W. Regan, E. Athanassoula, A. Bosma, R.~J. Buta, M. Cisternas, S. Comer{\'on}, D.~A. Gadotti, A. Gil de Paz, T.~H. Jarrett, B.~G. Elmegreen, S.
\apj808, 90, 2015

H$\alpha$ kinematics of S$^4$G spiral galaxies - II. Data description and non-circular motions
S. Erroz-Ferrer, J.~H. Knapen, R. Leaman, M. Cisternas, J. Font, J.~E. Beckman, K. Sheth, J.~C. Mu{\~noz-Mateos}, S. D{\'{\i}az-Garc\'{\i}a}, A. Bosma, E. Athanassoula, B.~G. Elmegreen, L.~C. Ho, T. Kim, E. Laurikainen, I. Martinez-Valpuesta, S.~E. Meidt,
\mnras451, 1004-1024, 2015

Wiggle Instability of Galactic Spiral Shocks: Effects of Magnetic Fields
Y. Kim, W.-T. Kim, B.~G. Elmegreen
\apj809, 33, 2015

A Warp in Progress: H I and Radio Continuum Observations of the Spiral NGC 3145
M. Kaufman, E. Brinks, C. Struck, B.~G. Elmegreen, D.~M. Elmegreen
\aj150, 65, 2015

Hierarchical star formation across the ring galaxy NGC 6503
D.~A. Gouliermis, D. Thilker, B.~G. Elmegreen, D.~M. Elmegreen, D. Calzetti, J.~C. Lee, A. Adamo, A. Aloisi, M. Cignoni, D.~O. Cook, D.~A. Dale, J.~S. Gallagher, K. Grasha, E.~K. Grebel, A.~H. Dav{\'o}, D.~A. Hunter, K.~E. Johnson, H. Kim, P. Nair, A. Not
\mnras452, 3508-3528, 2015


Embedded Star Formation in S$^4$G Galaxy Dust Lanes
D.~M. Elmegreen, B.~G. Elmegreen, S. Erroz-Ferrer, J.~H. Knapen, Y. Teich, M. Popinchalk, E. Athanassoula, A. Bosma, S. Comer{\'on}, Y.~N. Efremov, D.~A. Gadotti, A. Gil de Paz, J.~L. Hinz, L.~C. Ho, B. Holwerda, T. Kim, J. Laine, E. Laurikainen, K. Men{\
\apj780, 32, 2014

The Long Lives of Giant Clumps and the Birth of Outflows in Gas-rich Galaxies at High Redshift
F. Bournaud, V. Perret, F. Renaud, A. Dekel, B.~G. Elmegreen, D.~M. Elmegreen, R. Teyssier, P. Amram, E. Daddi, P.-A. Duc, D. Elbaz, B. Epinat, J.~M. Gabor, S. Juneau, K. Kraljic, E. Le Floch'
\apj780, 57, 2014

The Onset of Spiral Structure in the Universe
D.~M. Elmegreen, B.~G. Elmegreen
\apj781, 11, 2014

Unveiling the Structure of Barred Galaxies at 3.6 $\mu$m with the Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S$^4$G). I. Disk Breaks
T. Kim, D.~A. Gadotti, K. Sheth, E. Athanassoula, A. Bosma, M.~G. Lee, B.~F. Madore, B. Elmegreen, J.~H. Knapen, D. Zaritsky, L.~C. Ho, S. Comer{\'on}, B. Holwerda, J.~L. Hinz, J.-C. Mu{\~noz-Mateos}, M. Cisternas, S. Erroz-Ferrer, R. Buta, E. Laurikainen
\apj782, 64, 2014

A Density Dependence for Protostellar Luminosity in Class I Sources: Collaborative Accretion
B.~G. Elmegreen, R. Hurst, X. Koenig
\apjl782, L1, 2014

Metallicity Inhomogeneities in Local Star-forming Galaxies as a Sign of Recent Metal-poor Gas Accretion
J. S{\'anchez Almeida}, A.~B. Morales-Luis, C. Mu{\~noz-Tu\~n\'on}, D.~M. Elmegreen, B.~G. Elmegreen, J. M{\'endez-Abreu}
\apj783, 45, 2014

The Role of Turbulence in Star Formation Laws and Thresholds
K. Kraljic, F. Renaud, F. Bournaud, F. Combes, B. Elmegreen, E. Emsellem, R. Teyssier
\apj784, 112, 2014

Hierarchical Star Formation in Nearby LEGUS Galaxies
D.~M. Elmegreen, B.~G. Elmegreen, A. Adamo, A. Aloisi, J. Andrews, F. Annibali, S.~N. Bright, D. Calzetti, M. Cignoni, A.~S. Evans, J.~S. Gallagher III, D.~A. Gouliermis, E.~K. Grebel, D.~A. Hunter, K. Johnson, H. Kim, J. Lee, E. Sabbi, L.~J. Smith, D. Th
\apjl787, L15, 2014

What controls star formation in the central 500 pc of the Galaxy?
J.~M.~D. Kruijssen, S.~N. Longmore, B.~G. Elmegreen, N. Murray, J. Bally, L. Testi, R.~C. Kennicutt
\mnras440, 3370-3391, 2014

Star formation sustained by gas accretion
J. S{\'anchez Almeida}, B.~G. Elmegreen, C. Mu{\~noz-Tu\~n\'on}, D.~M. Elmegreen
\aapr22, 71, 2014

Big Fish in Small Ponds: Massive Stars in the Low-mass Clusters of M83
J.~E. Andrews, D. Calzetti, R. Chandar, B.~G. Elmegreen, R.~C. Kennicutt, H. Kim, M.~R. Krumholz, J.~C. Lee, S. McElwee, R.~W. O'Connell, B. Whitmore
\apj793, 4, 2014

Astrophysics: How tiny galaxies form stars
B. Elmegreen
\nat514, 310-311, 2014

Evidence for the concurrent growth of thick discs and central mass concentrations from S$^4$G imaging
S. Comer{\'on}, B.~G. Elmegreen, H. Salo, E. Laurikainen, B.~W. Holwerda, J.~H. Knapen
\aap571, A58, 2014

Spitzer/Infrared Array Camera near-infrared features in the outer parts of S$^4$G galaxies
S. Laine, J.~H. Knapen, J.-C. Mu{\~noz-Mateos}, T. Kim, S. Comer{\'on}, M. Martig, B.~W. Holwerda, E. Athanassoula, A. Bosma, P.~H. Johansson, S. Erroz-Ferrer, D.~A. Gadotti, A.~G. de Paz, J. Hinz, J. Laine, E. Laurikainen, K. Men{\'endez-Delmestre}, T. M
\mnras444, 3015-3039, 2014

The H I Chronicles of LITTLE THINGS BCDs II: The Origin of IC 10's H I Structure
T. Ashley, B.~G. Elmegreen, M. Johnson, D.~L. Nidever, C.~E. Simpson, N.~R. Pokhrel
\aj148, 130, 2014

A New Method to Estimate Local Pitch Angles in Spiral Galaxies: Application to Spiral Arms and Feathers in M81 and M51
I. Puerari, B.~G. Elmegreen, D.~L. Block
\aj148, 133, 2014

Shrinking Galaxy Disks with Fountain-driven Accretion from the Halo
B.~G. Elmegreen, C. Struck, D.~A. Hunter
\apj796, 110, 2014


An InfoSphere Streams based approach for implementing an FX-style auto-correlation spectrometer with accelerator support
Mahmoud, M., Ensor, A., Biem, A., Elmegreen, B., Gulyaev, S.
SKA 2011, AUT University

Data Provenance and Management in Radio Astronomy: A Stream Computing Approach
Mahmoud, M.S., Ensor, A., Biem, A., Elmegreen, B., Gulyaev, S.
Studies in Computational Intelligence, pp. 129-156, 2011


A streaming approach to radio astronomy imaging
Biem, A., Elmegreen, B., Verscheure, O., Turaga, D., Andrade, H., Cornwell, T.
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Novel data stream techniques for real time HF radio weather statistics and forecasting
Daldorff, L.K.S., Mohammadi, S.M., Bergman, J.E.S., Thide, B., Biem, A., Elmegreen, B., Turaga, D.S., Verscheure, O., Puccio, W.
11th International Conference on Ionospheric radio Systems and Techniques, 2009. The Institution of Engineering and Technology, pp. 1-3, IET


Radioastronomy Image Synthesis on the Cell/BE
Varbanescu, A.L., van Amesfoort, A.S., Cornwell, T., Mattingly, A., Elmegreen, B.G., vanNieuwpoort, R., van Diepen, G. & Sips, H.
Euro-Par 2008, pp. 749 762, Springer-Verlag Berlin