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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Sequential protein unfolding through a carbon nanotube pore
Xu, Zhonghe and Zhang, Shuang and Weber, Jeffrey K and Luan, Binquan and Zhou, Ruhong and Li, Jingyuan
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Opening Lids: Modulation of Lipase Immobilization by Graphene Oxides
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Wettability and friction of water on a MoS2 nanosheet
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Potential disruption of protein-protein interactions by graphene oxide
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Mechanism of Divalent-Ion-Induced Charge Inversion of Bacterial Membranes
Luan, Binquan and Chen, Kai Loon and Zhou, Ruhong
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Potential Interference of Protein--Protein Interactions by Graphyne
Luan, Binquan and Huynh, Tien and Zhou, Ruhong
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Radial dependence of DNA translocation velocity in a solid-state nanopore
Luan, Binquan
Microchimica Acta 183(3), 995--1002, Springer, 2016

Bio-nano interactions detected by nanochannel electrophoresis
Luan, Binquan
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DNA translocation through single-layer boron nitride nanopores
Gu, Zonglin and Zhang, Yuanzhao and Luan, Binquan and Zhou, Ruhong
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Complete wetting of graphene by biological lipids
Binquan Luan, Tien Huynh, Ruhong Zhou
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Nanopore-Based Sensors for Ligand--Receptor Lead Optimization
Luan, Binquan and Huynh, Tien and Zhou, Ruhong
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Revealing the importance of surface morphology of nanomaterials to biological responses: Adsorption of the villin headpiece onto graphene and phosphorene
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Nanomechanics of Protein Unfolding Outside a Generic Nanopore
Luan, Binquan and Huynh, Tien and Li, Jingyuan and Zhou, Ruhong
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Numerically testing phenomenological models for conductance of a solid-state nanopore
Luan, Binquan
Nanotechnology 26(5), 055502, IOP Publishing, 2015

Simplified TiO2 force fields for studies of its interaction with biomolecules
Binquan Luan, Tien Huynh, Ruhong Zhou
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Controlling the motion of DNA in a nanochannel with transversal alternating electric voltages
Binquan Luan, Chao Wang, Ajay Royyuru, Gustavo Stolovitzky
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Close encounters with DNA
C Maffeo, J Yoo, J Comer, DB Wells, B Luan, A Aksimentiev
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Potential toxicity of graphene to cell functions via disrupting protein--protein interactions
Luan, Binquan and Huynh, Tien and Zhao, Lin and Zhou, Ruhong
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Modeling of DnA Sequencing with Solid-State nanopores
Luan, Binquan and Fast, Too
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Controlled transport of DNA through a Y-shaped carbon nanotube in a solid membrane
Luan, Binquan and Zhou, Bo and Huynh, Tien and Zhou, Ruhong
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Single molecule investigation of Ag+ interactions with single cytosine-, methylcytosine-and hydroxymethylcytosine-cytosine mismatches in a nanopore
Yong Wang, Bin-Quan Luan, Zhiyu Yang, Xinyue Zhang, Brandon Ritzo, Kent Gates, Li-Qun Gu
Scientific reports4, Nature Publishing Group, 2014

Fabrication of sub-20 nm nanopore arrays in membranes with embedded metal electrodes at wafer scales
Bai, Jingwei and Wang, Deqiang and Nam, Sung-wook and Peng, Hongbo and Bruce, Robert and Gignac, Lynn and Brink, Markus and Kratschmer, Ernst and Rossnagel, Stephen and Waggoner, Phil and others
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Regulating the transport of DNA through biofriendly nanochannels in a thin solid membrane
Deqiang Wang, Stefan Harrer, Binquan Luan, Gustavo Stolovitzky, Hongbo Peng, Ali Afzali-Ardakani
Scientific reports4, Nature Publishing Group, 2014


Fabricatable nanopore sensors with an atomic thickness
Luan, Binquan and Bai, Jingwei and Stolovitzky, Gustavo
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An electro-hydrodynamics-based model for the ionic conductivity of solid-state nanopores during DNA translocation
Luan, Binquan and Stolovitzky, Gustavo
Nanotechnology 24(19), 195702, IOP Publishing, 2013


Dynamics of DNA translocation in a solid-state nanopore immersed in aqueous glycerol
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Resistance drift in phase change memory
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Nanopore-based sensors for detecting toxicity of a carbon nanotube to proteins
Luan, Binquan and Zhou, Ruhong
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End-to-end attraction of duplex DNA
Christopher Maffeo, Binquan Luan, Aleksei Aksimentiev
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Slowing and controlling the translocation of DNA in a solid-state nanopore
B. Luan, G Stolovitzky, G Martyna
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Explore physical origins of resistance drift in phase change memory and its implication for drift-insensitive materials
J Li ; B Luan ; Hsu, T.H. ; Zhu, Y. ; Martyna, G. ; Newns, D. ; Cheng, H.Y. ; Raoux, S. ; Lung, H. L. ; Lam, C.
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Nanopore-Based DNA Sequencing and DNA Motion Control
H Peng, B Luan, G Stolovitzky
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Characterizing and Controlling the Motion of ssDNA in a Solid-State Nanopore
B. Luan, G. Stolovitzky, H. Peng, S. Harrer, P. Waggoner, S. Polonsky, S. Rossnagel, and G. Martyna
Biophysical Journal 100(3), 168, Elsevier, 2011

Electrochemical Protection of Thin Film Electrodes in Solid State Nanopores
S. Harrer, P. S. Waggoner, B. Luan, A. Afzali-Ardakani, D. L. Goldfarb, H. Peng, G. Martyna, S. M. Rossnagel, G. A. Stolovitzky
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The effect of calcium on the conformation of cobalamin transporter BtuB
B Luan, R Carr, M Caffrey, A Aksimentiev
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Electrochemical Characterization of Thin Film Electrodes Toward Developing a DNA Transistor
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Tribological Effects on DNA Translocation in a Nanochannel Coated with a Self-Assembled Monolayer
Binquan Luan, Ali Afzali, Stefan Harrer, Hongbo Peng, Philip Waggoner, Stas Polonsky, Gustavo Stolovitzky, Glenn Martyna
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114(51), 17172 17176, ACS Publications, 2010

Base-By-Base Ratcheting of Single Stranded DNA through a Solid-State Nanopore
B Luan, H Peng, S Polonsky, S Rossnagel, G Stolovitzky, G Martyna
Physical Review Letters 104(23), 238103, APS, 2010
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Electric and electrophoretic inversion of the DNA charge in multivalent electrolytes
Binquan Luan, Aleksei Aksimentiev
Soft Matter 6(2), 243--246, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010

Control and Reversal of the Electrophoretic Force on DNA in a Charged Nanopore
B Luan, A Aksimentiev
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Hybrid atomistic/continuum study of contact and friction between rough solids
Binquan Luan, Mark O Robbins
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DNA Attraction in Monovalent and Divalent Electrolytes
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Strain Softening in Stretched DNA
B Luan, A Aksimentiev
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In meso crystal structure and docking simulations suggest an alternative proteoglycan binding site in the OpcA outer membrane adhesin
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Structure Refinement of the OpcA Adhesin Using Molecular Dynamics
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Effect of inertia and elasticity on stick-slip motion
B Luan, MO Robbins
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Evidence of Phase Separation in the Hubbard Model
B Luan, C Gong
Chinese Physics Letters, 2000