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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  American Physical Society (APS)  |  New York Academy of Science

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Dipolar interactions, long range order and random fields in a single molecule magnet, Mn12-acetate
Bo Wen

Superconducting cuprate heterostructures for hot electron bolometers
B Wen, R Yakobov, SA Vitkalov, A Sergeev
Applied Physics Letters 103(22), 2013


Transverse field Ising ferromagnetism in Mn 12-acetate-MeOH
P Subedi, AD Kent, Bo Wen, MP Sarachik, Y Yeshurun, AJ Millis, S Mukherjee, G Christou
Physical Review B 85(13), 134441, American Physical Society, 2012

Critical behavior of a strongly interacting 2D electron system
A Mokashi, S Li, Bo Wen, SV Kravchenko, AA Shashkin, VT Dolgopolov, MP Sarachik
Physical review letters 109(9), 096405, American Physical Society, 2012


Realization of random-field Ising ferromagnetism in a molecular magnet
Bo Wen, P Subedi, Lin Bo, Y Yeshurun, MP Sarachik, AD Kent, AJ Millis, Christos Lampropoulos, G Christou
Physical Review B 82(1), 014406, American Physical Society, 2010

Experimental determination of the Weiss temperature of Mn 12-ac and Mn 12-ac-MeOH
Shiqi Li, Lin Bo, Bo Wen, MP Sarachik, P Subedi, AD Kent, Y Yeshurun, AJ Millis, C Lampropoulos, S Mukherjee, others
Physical Review B 82(17), 174405, American Physical Society, 2010


Tuning magnetic avalanches in the molecular magnet Mn 12-acetate
S McHugh, Bo Wen, Xiang Ma, MP Sarachik, Y Myasoedov, E Zeldov, R Bagai, G Christou
Physical Review B 79(17), 174413, American Physical Society, 2009