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Lead Research Software Architect
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



Semantic Lexicon Expansion for Concept-Based Aspect-Aware Sentiment Analysis
Anni Coden, Dan Gruhl, Neal Lewis, Pablo N Mendes, Meena Nagarajan, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Steve Welch
Semantic Web Evaluation Challenge, pp. 34--40, Springer International Publishing, 2014


Layout-Aware Text Extraction from Full-text PDF of Scientific Articles
Cartic Ramakrishnan, Abhishek Patnia, Eduard Hovy, GAPC Burns
Source Code for Biology and Medicine 7(1), 7, BioMed Central Ltd, 2012


The role of information extraction in the design of a document triage application for biocuration
Sandeep Pokkunuri, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Ellen Riloff, Eduard Hovy, Gully APC Burns
Proceedings of BioNLP 2011 Workshop, pp. 46--55

Knowledge engineering tools for reasoning with scientific observations and interpretations: a neural connectivity use case
Thomas A Russ, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Eduard H Hovy, Mihail Bota, Gully APC Burns
BMC bioinformatics 12(1), 351, BioMed Central Ltd, 2011


Building the Scientific Knowledge Mine (SciKnowMine1): a Community-driven Framework for Text Mining Tools in Direct Service to Biocuration
Cartic Ramakrishnan, William A Baumgartner Jr, Judith A Blake, Gully APC Burns, K Bretonnel Cohen, Harold Drabkin, Janan Eppig, Eduard Hovy, Chun-Nan Hsu, Lawrence E Hunter, others
Language Resources and Evaluation, 2010


Joint extraction of compound entities and relationships from biomedical literature
Cartic Ramakrishnan, Pablo N Mendes, Rodrigo ATS da Gama, Guilherme CN Ferreira, Amit P Sheth
2008 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, 398--401, IEEE

Unsupervised discovery of compound entities for relationship extraction
Cartic Ramakrishnan, Pablo Mendes, Shaojun Wang, Amit Sheth
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Relationship web: Blazing semantic trails between web resources
Amit P Sheth, Cartic Ramakrishnan
Internet Computing, IEEE 11(4), 77--81, IEEE, 2007


A framework for schema-driven relationship discovery from unstructured text
Cartic Ramakrishnan, Krys Kochut, Amit Sheth
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Geospatial ontology development and semantic analytics
I Budak Arpinar, Amit Sheth, Cartic Ramakrishnan, E Lynn Usery, Molly Azami, Mei-Po Kwan
Transactions in GIS 10(4), 551--575, Wiley Online Library, 2006

Semantic analytics on social networks: experiences in addressing the problem of conflict of interest detection
Boanerges Aleman-Meza, Meenakshi Nagarajan, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Li Ding, Pranam Kolari, Amit P Sheth, I Budak Arpinar, Anupam Joshi, Tim Finin
Proceedings of the 15th international conference on World Wide Web, pp. 407--416, 2006


Peer-to-Peer discovery of semantic associations
Matthew Perry, Maciej Janik, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Conrad Iba\~nez, Budak Arpinar, AP Sheth
Proc. Second International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management, Citeseer, 2005

TaxaMiner: an experimentation framework for automated taxonomy bootstrapping
Vipul Kashyap, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Christopher Thomas, Amit Sheth
International Journal of Web and Grid Services 1(2), 240--266, Inderscience, 2005

Discovering informative connection subgraphs in multi-relational graphs
Cartic Ramakrishnan, William H Milnor, Matthew Perry, Amit P Sheth
ACM SIGKDD Explorations Newsletter 7(2), 56--63, ACM, 2005

Ranking complex relationships on the semantic web
Boanerges Aleman-Meza, Christian Halaschek-Wiener, I Budak Arpinar, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Amit P Sheth
IEEE Internet Computing, 37--44, Published by the IEEE Computer Society, 2005

Semantics for the semantic web: The implicit, the formal and the powerful
Amit Sheth, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Christopher Thomas
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Semantic Association Identification and Knowledge Discovery for National Security Applications, Special Issue of Journal of Database Management on Database Technology for Enhancing National Security, Eds: L
Amit Sheth, Boanerges Aleman-Meza, I Budak Arpinar, Chris Halaschek, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Clemens Bertram, Yashodhan Warke, David Avant, F Sena Arpinar, Kemafor Anyanwu, others
Zhou and W. Kim, 2004

A flexible approach for analyzing and ranking complex relationships on the semantic web
Chris Halaschek, Boanerges Aleman-Meza, I Budak Arpinar, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Amit Sheth
3 rd International Semantic Web Conference (submitted), 2004


Toward (Semi)-Automatic Generation of Biomedical Ontologies
Vipul Kashyap, Cartic Ramakrishnan, T Rindflesch
Proceedings of American Medical Informatics Association, 2003

Semantic (Web) technology in action: Ontology driven information systems for search, integration and analysis
Amit Sheth, Cartic Ramakrishnan
Data Engineering51, 40, Citeseer, 2003

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Towards (Semi-) automatic Generation of Bio-medical ontologies

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Layout-aware text extraction from full-text PDF of scientific articles.

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