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IBM Fellow; Manager: Processes, Materials, & Integration
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS)  |  National Academy of Engineering


Method and composition for electro-chemical-mechanical polishing
Panayotis Andricacos, Donald Canaperi, Emanuel Cooper, John Cotte, Hariklia Deligianni, Laertis Economikos, Daniel Edelstein, Silvia Franz, Balasubramanian Pranatharthiharan, Mahadevaiyer Krishnan, others
US Patent App. 11/038,236


Diamond-like carbon for use in VLSI and ULSI interconnect systems
S A Cohen, D C Edelstein, A Grill, J R Paraszczak, V V Patel
US Patent 5,674,355