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VP, Software
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY USA



IBM’s evolving strategy’
D McQueeney
Research Technology Management 46(4), 20--27, Industrial Research Institute, Inc, 2003


What should computer scientists teach to physical scientists and engineers? 2. Response to Wilson: teach computing in context
ER Jessup, RC Giles, DF McQueeney, T Issaevitch, GV Wilson
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Design of a silicon-on-silicon multi-chip module for a high-performance Ps/2 workstation
WE Pence, DF McQueeney, J Mosley
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Testability challenges to achieve zero defect goal in MCM manufacturing
D F McQueeney, T J Zittritsch
Electronics Manufacturing Technology Symposium, 1991, pp. 417--418


Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in helium films
G Agnolet, DF McQueeney, JD Reppy
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Vortex Dynamics in Thin\^{} 4He Films
DF McQueeney, G Agnolet, GKS Wong, JD Reppy
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Supplement26, 79--80, 1987


Surface superfluidity in dilute/sup 4/He-/sup 3/He mixtures
D McQueeney, G Agnolet, JD Reppy
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Contribution of Nuclear Magnetism to the Isochoric Pressure of bcc Solid\^{}$\{$3$\}$ He
CT Van Degrift, WJ Bowers Jr, PB Pipes, DF McQueeney
Physical Review Letters 49(2), 149--153, APS, 1982

Year Unknown

A thin film multichip module for workstation applications
MF Bregman, A Kimura, T Matsui, H Nishida, K Nishiyama, H Ohkuma, A Tanaka, C Kovac, D McQueeney
Electronic Components and Technology Conference, 1992, pp. 968--972, 0

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