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Director, Advanced Logic Technology
IBM Research at Albany Nanotech


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Professional Associations:  IEEE   |  IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS)  |  Sigma Xi


22nm High-performance SOI technology featuring dual-embedded stressors, Epi-Plate High-K deep-trench embedded DRAM and self-aligned Via 15LM BEOL
S Narasimha, P Chang, C Ortolland, D Fried, E Engbrecht, K Nummy, P Parries, T Ando, M Aquilino, N Arnold, others
Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 2012 IEEE International, pp. 3--3


A Manufacturable Dual Channel (Si and SiGe) High-K Metal Gate CMOS Technology with Multiple Oxides for High Performance and Low Power Applications
S. Krishnan, U. Kwon, N. Moumen, M. Stoker, E. C. Harley, S. W. Bedell, D. R. Nair, B. J. Greene, W. K. Henson, M. M. Chowdhury, D. P. Prakash, E. Wu, D. P. Ioannou, E. Cartier, M.-h. Na, S. Inumiya, K. Mcstay, L. Edge, R. Iijima, J. Cai, M. Frank, M. Har
International Electron Devices Meeting, pp. 28-1, 2011


Wafer scale fabrication of carbon nanotube FETs with embedded poly-gates
Shu-Jen Han, Josephine Chang, Aaron D Franklin, Ageeth A Bol, Rainer Loesing, Dechao Guo, George S Tulevski, Wilfried Haensch, Zhihong Chen
Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 2010 IEEE International, pp. 9--1

Intrinsic effective mobility extraction with extremely scaled gate dielectrics
Z. Liu, D. Guo, K. Xiu, W.K. Henson, P.J. Oldiges
Applied Physics Letters 97(2), 023509--023509, AIP, 2010

Characterization of Parasitic Bipolar Transistors in 45nm Silicon-On-Insulator Technology
Larry Wissel, Phil Oldiges, and Dechao Guo
2010 IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference


High performance 32nm SOI CMOS with high-k/metal gate and 0.149$\mu$m 2 SRAM and ultra low-k back end with eleven levels of copper
B Greene, Q Liang, K Amarnath, Y Wang, J Schaeffer, M Cai, Y Liang, S Saroop, J Cheng, A Rotondaro, others
VLSI Technology, 2009 Symposium on, pp. 140--141

Reverse Temperature Dependence of Circuit Performance in High-$ kappa $/Metal-Gate Technology
S J Han, D Guo, X Wang, A C Mocuta, W K Henson, K Rim
Electron Device Letters, IEEE 30(12), 1344--1346, IEEE, 2009

High Performance 32nm SOI CMOS with High-K/Metal Gate and 0.149um2 SRAM and Ultra Low-K Back End with Eleven Levels of Copper
B. Greene, Q. Liang, K. Amarnath, Y. Wang, J. Schaeffer, ....J. Sleight, D. Guo, S. Mittl, D. Ioannou, E. Wu, M. Chudzik, D-G. Park, D. Brown, S. Luning, D. Mocuta, E. Maciejewski, K. Henson and E. Leobandung,
Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits, 2009

Stress Liner Proximity Technique to Enhance Carrier Mobility in High-k/Metal Gate MOSFETs
D. Guo, K. Schonenberg, J. Chen, D. Jaeger, P. Kulkarni, U. Kwon, Y. Liang, J. Liu, L. Song, F. Arnaud, H. Bu, M. Chudzik, K. Henson, P. Oldiges, M. Sherony, A. Steegen, A. Thean, M. Khare
MRS Fall Meeting, 2009


On the difference of temperature dependence of metal gate and poly gate SOI MOSFET threshold voltages
Shu-Jen Han, Xinlin Wang, Paul Chang, Dechao Guo, Myung-Hee Na, Ken Rim
Electron Devices Meeting, 2008. IEDM 2008. IEEE International, pp. 1--4

Gate length scaling and high drive currents enabled for high performance SOI technology using high-$\kappa$/metal gate
K Henson, H Bu, MH Na, Y Liang, U Kwon, S Krishnan, J Schaeffer, R Jha, .., M Hargrove, D Guo, others
IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 2008, pp. 1--4


Effective Capture Cross-Sections of Traps in High-k Gate Dielectrics
Liyang Song, Xiewen Wang, Dechao Guo, and T.P. Ma
Electrochemical Society Transactions 6(1), 229-237, 2007


Gate-dielectric permitivity and metal-gate work-function tradeoff in L met= 25nm PDSOI device characteristics
D Guo, A Bryant, X Wang, S Narasimha, R Miller, M Khare
IEEE Electron Device Letters 27(6), 505--507, 2006

Challenges and opportunities for high performance 32 nm CMOS technology
JW Sleight, I Lauer, O Dokumaci, DM Fried, D Guo, B Haran, S Narasimha, C Sheraw, D Singh, M Steigerwalt, others
Electron Devices Meeting, 2006. IEDM'06. International, pp. 1--4


High performance gate first HfSiON dielectric satisfying 45nm node requirements
M. A. Quevedo-Lopez, S. A. Krishnan, P. D. Kirsch, H. J. Li, J. H. Sim, C. Huffman, J. J. Peterson, B .H. Lee, G. Pant1, B. E. Gnade1, M. J. Kim1, R. M. Wallace1, D. Guo, H. Bu, and T.P. Ma
International Electron Device Meeting, pp. 428, 2005

An EOT Extraction Method Based on Generalized 4-element Circuit Model for Ultrathin Gate Dielectrics
D. C. Guo, L. Y. Song, T. P. Ma,
36th Semiconductor Interface Specialist Conference, 2005


Polarity dependence of charge trapping in poly-silicon gate HfO/sub 2/MOSFETs
M Bu, XW Wang, DC Guo, LY Song, TP Ma, H Tseng, P Tobin
2004 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium Proceedings, 2004, pp. 591--592


Characteristics of different structure sub-100nm MOSFETs withhigh-k gate dielectrics
X Liu, S Lou, Z Xia, D Guo, H Zhu, J Kang, R Han
Solid-State and Integrated-Circuit Technology, 2001

Year Unknown

Characteristics of Sub-100nm High-k Gate Dielectrics MOSFETs With Different Source/Drain Structure
X Liu, C Ren, Z Xia, L Han, S Lou, D Guo, J Kang, R Han

The characteristics of leakage current mechanisms and SILC effects of Al2O3 gate dielectric
J Kang, D Han, C Ren, H Yang, D Guo, W Wang, D Tian, J Zhang, Y Wang, X Liu, others

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