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CMOS and novel device and circuit exploration
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS)


Operational Amplifier Based Test Structure for Quantifying Transistor Threshold Voltage Variation
B L Ji, D J Pearson, I Lauer, F Stellari, D J Frank, L Chang, M B Ketchen

Increasing Threshold Voltage Variation due to Random Telegraph Noise in FETs as Gate Lengths Scale to 20 nm
N Tega, H Miki, F Pagette, DJ Frank, A Ray, MJ Rooks, W Haensch, K Torii
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Upside-down FETS
DC La Tulipe, DJ Frank, SE Steen, AW Topol, J Patel, L Ramakrishnan, JW Sleight
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Connection device with actuating element for changing a conductive state of a via
D J Frank, K W Guarini, C B Murray, X Wang, H S P Wong
US Patent ..., 2008 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 7,342,301


High performance CMOS variability in the 65nm regime and beyond
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Overlay as the key to drive wafer scale 3D integration
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35nm SOI-CMOS for Sub-Ambient Temperature Operation
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Optimal UTB FD/SOI device structure using thin BOX for sub-50-nm SRAM design
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Design and CAD challenges in 45nm CMOS and beyond
D J Frank, R Puri, D Toma
Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE/ACM international conference on Computer-aided design, pp. 333

Wafer Scale 3-D Integration: Overlay as the Key to Drive Potential
S E Steen, DC La Tulipe, AW Topol, DJ Frank, K Belote, D Posillico
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Optimizing CMOS technology for maximum performance
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Practical CMOS Scaling
D J Frank
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Method of fabricating a connection device
D J Frank, K W Guarini, C B Murray, X Wang, H S P Wong
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Three-dimensional integrated circuits
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Strained silicon-channel MOSFET using a damascene gate process
H I Hanafi, D J Frank, K K Chan
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US Patent App. 11/113,858


Universal tunneling behavior in technologically relevant P/N junction diodes
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Parameter Variations in Sub-100nm MOS Technology
D J Frank
presentation at ISSCC2004 Microprocessor Design Forum

High-frequency response in carbon nanotube field-effect transistors
DJ Frank, J Appenzeller
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Aggressively scaled (0.143 $\mu$m 2) 6T-SRAM cell for the 32 nm node and beyond
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Circuits and methods for characterizing random variations in device characteristics in semiconductor integrated circuits
A Bhavnagarwala, D J Frank, S V Kosonocky
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US Patent App. 10/643,193

Growth and scaling of oxide conduction after breakdown
BP Linder, JH Stathis, DJ Frank, S Lombardo, A Vayshenker
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Power-constrained CMOS scaling limits
D J Frank
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CMOS Device Technology Trends for Power Constrained Applications
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Design considerations for CMOS near the limits of scaling
D J Frank, Y Taur
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Voltage dependence of hard breakdown growth and the reliability implication in thin dielectrics
BP Linder, S Lombardo, JH Stathis, A Vayshenker, DJ Frank
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Electrical integrity of state-of-the-art 0.13/spl mu/m SOI CMOS devices and circuits transferred for three-dimensional (3D) integrated circuit (IC) fabrication
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Method for increasing the capacitance of a semiconductor capacitors
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Calculating the error in long term oxide reliability estimates
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DC and AC performance analysis of 25 nm symmetric/asymmetricdouble-gate, back-gate and bulk CMOS
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Simulation of stochastic doping effects in Si MOSFETs
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Nanoscale cmos
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Monte Carlo modeling of threshold variation due to dopantfluctuations
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Future prospects for Si CMOS technology
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25 nm CMOS design considerations
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Application and technology forecast
D J Frank
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Supply and threshold voltage optimization for low power design
D J Frank, P Solomon, S Reynolds, J Shin
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Comparison of high speed voltage-scaled conventional and adiabatic circuits
D Frank
Proceedings of the 1996 international symposium on Low power electronics and design, pp. 380

Memory with adiabatically switched bit lines
R H Dennard, D J Frank
US Patent 5,526,319, 1996 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 5,526,319

Static combinatorial logic circuits for reversible computation
D J Frank
US Patent 5,493,240, 1996 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 5,493,240

CMOS toggle flip-flop using adiabatic switching
D J Frank
US Patent 5,517,145, 1996 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 5,517,145

Energy conserving clock pulse generating circuits
D J Frank, P M Solomon
US Patent 5,506,520, 1996 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 5,506,520

Probing the Limits of Silicon-Based Nanoelectronics
SJ Wind, Y Taur, Y Mii, DJ Frank, HS Wong, DA Buchanan, SA Rishton, JJ Bucchignano, Y Lii, KA Jenkins


CMOS Scaling into the 21 st Century: 0.1 $\mu$m and Beyond, IBMJ
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Power measurements of adiabatic circuits by thermoelectrictechnique
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Electroid-oriented adiabatic switching circuits
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Empiri, cal fit to band discsntinuities and barrier systems
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High-speed, low-voltage complementary heterostructure FET circuittechnology
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Heterojunction bipolar transistor with substantially aligned energy levels
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Cryogenic transistor with a superconducting base and a semiconductor-isolated collector
D J Frank
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