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Director, Cognitive Platform and Tooling
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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An open ecosystem for mobile-cloud convergence
Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Rolf Schuster, Maria Ebling, Gerhard Fettweis, Hannu Flinck, Kaustubh Joshi, Krishan Sabnani
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From Farming to Personal Privacy--Ubicomp's Impact on Society
Maria R Ebling
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Pervasive Deployment Makes a Difference
Maria R Ebling
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Pervasive Change Challenges Elders
Maria R Ebling
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Science Fiction or Reality?
Maria R Ebling
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The Edge of the Cloud
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Body sensor data processing using stream computing
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Implantable insulin pump, the first OLED TV, measuring without a ruler...
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A pervasive personal trainer, an electronic leash, a light canvas...
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HotMobile 2006: Mobile Computing Practitioners Interact
Maria R Ebling
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Uncovering the to-dos hidden in your in-box
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Towards middleware components for distributed actuator coordination
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SCOUT contextually organizes user tasks
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On the contributions of different empirical data in usability testing
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Coda file system
M Satyanarayanan, MR Ebling, J Raiff
1998 -

On the importance of translucence for mobile computing
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Evaluating and improving the effectiveness of caching for availability
MR Ebling
Ph.D. Thesis, 1997


Experience with disconnected operation in a mobile computing environment
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Coda File System User and System Administrators Manual
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Year Unknown

C Checking, D D Storage, M Satyanarayanan, JJ Kistler, P Kumar, ME Okasaki, EH Siegel, DC Steere, P Ramanathan, DD Kandlur, others
Urbana51, 61801--2987