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IBM Research Neuroscientist
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Decomposition of complex movements into primitives for Parkinson's disease assessment
Eleftheria K Pissadaki, Avner Abrami, Steven Heisig, Erhan Bilal, Marco Cavallo, Paul Wacnik, Kelley Erb, Daniel Karlin, Peter Bergethon, Stephen Amato, Hao Zhang, Vesper Ramos, Farhan Hameed, and John J Rice
IBM Journal of Research and Development 61(1), IBM, 2018


Implications of cellular models of dopamine neurons for disease
Carmen C. Canavier, Rebekah C. Evans, Andrew M. Oster, Eleftheria K. Pissadaki, Guillaume Drion, Alexey S. Kuznetsov and Boris S. Gutkin
Journal of Neurophysiology, 2016


Distinct dendritic arborization and in vivo firing patterns of parvalbumin-expressing basket cells in the hippocampal area CA3
Tukker, John J and Laszt{'o}czi, B{'a}lint and Katona, Linda and Roberts, J David B and Pissadaki, Eleftheria K and Dalezios, Yannis and M{'a}rton, L{'a}szl{'o} and Zhang, Limei and Klausberger, Thomas and Somogyi, Peter
The Journal of Neuroscience 33(16), 6809--6825, Soc Neuroscience, 2013


Living on the edge with too many mouths to feed: why dopamine neurons die
Bolam, J Paul and Pissadaki, Eleftheria K
Movement Disorders 27(12), 1478--1483, Wiley Online Library, 2012


Encoding of spatio-temporal input characteristics by a CA1 pyramidal neuron model
Pissadaki, Eleftheria Kyriaki and Sidiropoulou, Kyriaki and Reczko, Martin and Poirazi, Panayiota
PLoS Comput Biol 6(12), e1001038, Public Library of Science, 2010

The making of a detailed CA1 pyramidal neuron model
Poirazi, Panayiota and Pissadaki, Eleftheria-Kyriaki
Hippocampal Microcircuits, pp. 317--352, Springer, 2010


Modulation of excitability in CA1 pyramidal neurons via the interplay of entorhinal cortex and CA3 inputs
Pissadaki, Eleftheria Kyriaki and Poirazi, Panayiota
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Inside the brain of a neuron
Sidiropoulou, Kyriaki and Pissadaki, Eleftheria Kyriaki and Poirazi, Panayiota
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