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Research Scientist, Senior Technical Staff Member
IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



Three-Dimensional Nanoprinting via Direct Delivery
J. Souza, Y. Liu, S. Wang, P. Dorig, T. Kuhl, J. Frommer, and G-y. Liu
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2017

Accurate Measurement of Porous Low-k Thin-Films by Nanoindentation: Densification Scaling versus Substrate Effects
Krystelle Lionti, Kumar Virwani, Willi Volksen, Robin King, Jane Frommer and Geraud Dubois
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 6(10), 2017


Three-Dimensional Nanoprinting via Scanning Probe Lithography-Delivered Layer-by-Layer Deposition
J. Zhao, L. Swartz, W. Lin, P. Schlenoff, J. Frommer, J. Schlenoff, G-y. Liu
ACS Nano 10(6), 5656--5662, 2016

Layer-by-layer assembled core-shell star block copolymers for fouling resistant water purification membranes
J. Diep, A. Tek, L. Thompson, J. Frommer, R. Wang, V. Piunova, J. Sly, Y. La
Polymer103, 468--477, 2016

Nanoscale chemical imaging by photoinduced force microscopy
Derek Nowak, William Morrison, H. K. Wickramasinghe, Junghoon Jahng, Eric Potma, Lei Wan, Ricardo Ruiz, Thomas Albrecht, Kristin Schmidt, Jane Frommer, Daniel Sanders, Sung Park
Science Advances 2(3), e1501571, 2016


Bit-Patterned Media on Plastic Tape With Feature Density of 100 Gigadot/in
Pierre-Olivier Jubert, David Berman, Jane Frommer, Noel Arellano, Charles Rettner, Teya Topuria, Xin Jiang, Wayne Imaino, Gary McClelland
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 51(7), 1-5, 2015


Effect of oxygen plasma and thermal oxidation on shallow nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
M. Kim, H. J. Mamin, M. H. Sherwood, C. T. Rettner, J. Frommer, and D. Rugar
App. Phys. Lett.105, 42406, 2014


Comparative Nanomechanical Study of Multiharmonic Force Microscopy and Nanoindentation on Low Dielectric Constant Materials
Katharine Walz, Robin King, Willi Volksen, Geraud Dubois, Jane Frommer, and Kumar Virwani
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High-Throughput Directed Self-Assembly of Core-Shell Ferrimagnetic Nanoparticle Arrays
Qiu Dai, Jane Frommer, David Berman, Kumar Virwani, Blake Davis, Joy Y. Cheng, and Alshakim Nelson
Langmuir 29(24), 7472-7477, 2013


A Stepped-Pole Writer to Minimize Side Erasure on Barium Ferrite Tape
P.-O. Jubert, H. E. Rothuizen, E. Delenia, J. Frommer, and M. A. Lantz
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 48(11), 3543, IEEE, 2012

Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Supramolecular Assemblies with Distinctive Size and Shape
K. Fukushima, J.P.K. Tan, P.A. Korevaar, Y.Y. Yang, J. Pitera, A. Nelson, H. Maune, D.J. Coady, J.E. Frommer, A.C. Engler, others
ACS Nano 6(10), 9191-9199, ACS Publications, 2012


Self-assembled ferrimagnet- polymer composites for magnetic recording media
Dai, Qiu and Berman, David and Virwani, Kumar and Frommer, Jane and Jubert, Pierre-Olivier and Lam, Michelle and Topuria, Teya and Imaino, Wayne and Nelson, Alshakim
Nano letters 10(8), 3216--3221, ACS Publications, 2010

Probe-Based 3-D Nanolithography Using Self-Amplified Depolymerization Polymers
Knoll, Armin W and Pires, David and Coulembier, Olivier and Dubois, Philippe and Hedrick, James L and Frommer, Jane and Duerig, Urs
Advanced Materials 22(31), 3361--3365, Wiley Online Library, 2010

Probe-based nanolithography: self-amplified depolymerization media for dry lithography
Olivier Coulembier, Armin Knoll, David Pires, Bernd Gotsmann, Urs Duerig, Jane Frommer, Robert D Miller, Philippe Dubois, James L Hedrick
Macromolecules 43(1), 572-574, ACS Publications, 2010

Designing Polymers to Enable Nanoscale Thermomechanical Data Storage
B. Gotsmann, AW Knoll, R. Pratt, J. Frommer, JL Hedrick, U. Duerig
Advanced Functional Materials 20(8), 1276-1284, 2010

Self-Assembled Ferrimagnet-Polymer Composites for Magnetic Recording Media
Q. Dai, D. Berman, K. Virwani, J. Frommer, P.O. Jubert, M. Lam, T. Topuria, W. Imaino, A. Nelson
Nano Letters10, 3216-3221, ACS Publications, 2010

Nanoscale three-dimensional patterning of molecular resists by scanning probes
D. Pires, J.L. Hedrick, A. De Silva, J. Frommer, B. Gotsmann, H. Wolf, M. Despont, U. Duerig, A.W. Knoll
Science 328(5979), 732-735, 2010


Placement and orientation of individual DNA shapes on lithographically patterned surfaces
R.J. Kershner, L.D. Bozano, C.M. Micheel, A.M. Hung, A.R. Fornof, J.N. Cha, C.T. Rettner, M. Bersani, J. Frommer, P.W.K. Rothemund, others
Nature Nanotechnology 4(9), 557--561, Nature Publishing Group, 2009


Localized “Click” Chemistry Through Dip-Pen Nanolithography
Long, David A and Unal, Kerem and Pratt, Russell C and Malkoch, Michael and Frommer, Jane
Advanced Materials 19(24), 4471--4473, Wiley Online Library, 2007

Ion Beam Lithography for Nano-scale Pattern Features
J.E.E. Baglin, A.J. Kellock, J.E. Frommer
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Local characterization of vapor-deposited electrode edges in thin film organic electronic devices
S Sills, K Unal, LD Bozano, J Frommer, JC Scott
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures 25(2), 421--425, AVS, 2007

Smart Self-Adjustment of Surface Micelles of an Amphiphilic Block Copolymer to Nanoscopic Pattern Boundaries
B. Yoon, J. Huh, H. Ito, J. Frommer, B.H. Sohn, J.H. Kim, E.L. Thomas, C. Park, H.C. Kim
Advanced Materials 19(20), 3342--3348, Wiley Online Library, 2007


Exploiting chemical switching in a Diels--Alder polymer for nanoscale probe lithography and data storage
B. Gotsmann, U. Duerig, J. Frommer, C. Hawker
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Monolayer Organosilicate Toroids and Cylinders: A Phase Diagram for Templating from a Block Copolymer
Choi, J., Hermans, T., Lohmeijer, B., Pratt, R., Frommer, J., Waymouth, R., Wade, C., Hedrick, J.;
Nano. Lett. 6(8), 5617, 2006

Ultrafast molecule sorting and delivery by atomic force microscopy
K. Unal, J. Frommer, H.K. Wickramasinghe
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Atomically flat gold on elastomeric substrate
B. Atmaja, J. Frommer, J.C. Scott
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Photochemical attachment of reactive cross-linked polymer films to Si/SiO2 surfaces and subsequent polymer brush growth
M. Beinhoff, J. Frommer, K.R. Carter
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Monolayered organosilicate toroids and related structures: A phase diagram for templating from block copolymers
J. Choi, T.M. Hermans, B.G.G. Lohmeijer, R.C. Pratt, G. Dubois, J. Frommer, R.M. Waymouth, J.L. Hedrick
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Patterned polyfluorene surfaces by functionalization of nanoimprinted polymeric features
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Controlling nanowear in a polymer by confining segmental relaxation
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Three-dimensional nanostructure construction via nanografting: positive and negative pattern transfer
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ACS SYMPOSIUM SERIES 781-Interfacial Properties on the Submicrometer Scale
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Curious morphology of silicon-containing polymer films on exposure to oxygen plasma
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