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Research Scientist: Computational Biology
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA.


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Impact of Clinical and Genomic Factors on COVID-19 Disease Severity
S. Dey, A. Bose, S. SahaP. Chakraborty, M. Ghalwash, 1 A. Guzm?n-S?ens, F. Utro, K. Ng, J. Hu, L. Parida, D. Sow
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Convergence of resistance patterns in breast cancer after multiple lines of treatment through analysis of rapid autopsy samples
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Functional profiling of COVID-19 respiratory tract microbiomes
N. Haiminen, F. Utro, E. Seabolt, L. Parida
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Re-purposing software for functional characterization of the microbiome
L.-J. Gardiner, N. Haiminen, F. Utro, L. Parida, E. Seabolt, R. Krishna and J.H. Kaufman
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K-Mer Analyses Reveal Different Evolutionary Histories of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Papillomaviruses
Z. Chen, F. Utro, D. Platt, R. DeSalle, L. Parida, P.K.S. Chan, R.D. Burk
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Hierarchically labeled database indexing allows scalable characterization of microbiomes
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Simultaneous Phasing of Multiple Polyploids
L. Parida and F. Utro
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Dark-matter matters: Discriminating subtle blood cancers using the darkest DNA
L. Parida, C. Haferlach, K. Rhrissorrakrai, F. Utro, C. Levovitz, W. Kern, N. Nadarajah, S. Twardziok, S. Hutter, M. Meggendorfer, W. Walter, C. Baer, T. Haferlach
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Transcriptome characterization and differentially expressed genes under flooding and drought stress in the biomass grasses Phalaris arundinacea and Dactylis glomerata
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Sequencing and curation strategies for identifying candidate glioblastoma treatments
M.O. Frank, T. Koyama, K. Rhrissorrakrai, N. Robine, F. Utro, and others
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A Quantitative and Qualitative Characterization of k-mer Based Alignment-Free Phylogeny Construction
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Liquid versus tissue biopsy for detecting acquired resistance and tumor heterogeneity in gastrointestinal cancers
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Essential Simplices in Persistent Homology and Subtle Admixture Detection
S. Basu, F. Utro, L. Parida
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Computation Cluster Validation in the Big Data Era
R. Giancarlo, F. Utro
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Enhancing Next-Generation Sequencing-Guided Cancer Care Through Cognitive Computing
M.M. Patel, V.V. Michelini, J.M. Snell, S. Balu, A.P. Hoyle, J.S. Parker, M.C. Hayward, D.A. Eberhard, A.H. Salazar, P. McNeillie, and others
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Journal of Clinical Oncology33, 2015
Abstract   whole genome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, transcriptome, rationalization, pathology, genome, data integrity, computational biology, cancer, biology, bioinformatics, analytics

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Abstract   IBM 100 Icons of Progress:

Sum of parts is greater than the whole: inference of common genetic history of populations
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