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IBM Fellow
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  Materials Research Society (MRS)  |  National Academy of Engineering


PECVD low and ultralow dielectric constant materials: From invention and research to products
A. Grill
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 34, 020801 (2016); doi: 10.1116/1.4943049


Induced e-beam charge impact on spatial orientation of gate-all-around silicon wires device fabricated on Boron Nitride substrate
Shimon Levi ; Konstantin Chirko ; Ofer Adan ; Guy Cohen ; Sarunya Bangsaruntip ; Leathen Shi ; Alfred Grill ; Deborah Neumayer
Proc. SPIE 9424, Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Microlithography, 2015


Progress in the development and understanding of advanced low k and ultralow k dielectrics for very large-scale integrated interconnects State of the art
Alfred Grill, Stephen M. Gates, Todd E. Ryan, Son V. Nguyen, and Deepika Priyadarshini3

Effect of Low-frequency RF on PECVD Deposited Ultra low-k Dielectric Films for VLSI Interconnects
E. Todd Ryan, Stephen M. Gates, Stephan A. Cohen, Yuri Ostrovski, Ed Adams, K. Virwani, and Alfred Grill
J.Appl.Phys. 115(144107), 2014

Ultrathin (8-14 nm) conformal SiN for sub-20 nm Copper/Low k interconnects,
Son V. Nguyen, D. Priyadarshini, H. Shobha, T. Haigh Jr., C.-K. Hu, S. Cohen, E. Liniger, T. Shaw, E. Adams, J. Burnham, A. Madan, N. Klymko, C. Parks, D. Yang, Jr., S. Molis, G. Bonilla, A. Grill, D. Edelstein, D. Canaperi, L.-Q. Xia, S. Reit
ECS Transactions, 61 61(3)(17-28), 2014

Progress in the development and understanding of advanced low k and ultralow k dielectrics for very large-scale integrated interconnects State of the art
Alfred Grill, Stephen M. Gates, Todd E. Ryan, Son V. Nguyen, and Deepika Priyadarshini
Appl. Phys. Reviews 1(011306), 2014


Effect of SiC wafer miscut angle on the morphology and Hall mobility of epitaxially grown graphene
C. Dimitrakopoulos, A. Grill, T.J. McArdle, Z. Liu, R. Wisnieff, D.A. Antoniadis
Applied Physics Letters 98(22), 222105--222105, AIP, 2011

Multi-Layer Epitaxial Graphene Formed from Poly-Crystalline Silicon Carbide Grown on C-Plane Sapphire
T. McArdle, J. Chu, Y. Zhu, Z. Liu, M. Krishnan, C. Breslin, C. Dimitrakopoulos, R. Wisnieff, A. Grill
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 56 (2), APS March Meeting, 2011

Wafer-scale graphene integrated circuit
Yu-Ming Lin, Alberto Valdes-Garcia, Shu-Jen Han, Damon B Farmer, Inanc Meric, Yanning Sun, Yanqing Wu, Christos Dimitrakopoulos, Alfred Grill, Phaedon Avouris, others
Science 332(6035), 1294--1297, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2011


Graphene RF Transistor Performance
K.A. Jenkins, Y. Lin, D. Farmer, C. Dimitrakopoulos, H.Y. Chiu, A. Valdes-Garcia, P. Avouris, A. Grill
ECS Transactions 28(5), 3--13, The Electrochemical Society, 2010

Graphene-based fast electronics and optoelectronics
P Avouris, Y Lin, F Xia, T Mueller, DB Farmer, C Dimitrakopoulos, A Grill
Device Research Conference (DRC), 2010, pp. 205--206

Wafer-scale epitaxial graphene growth on the Si-face of hexagonal SiC (0001) for high frequency transistors
Christos Dimitrakopoulos, Yu-Ming Lin, Alfred Grill, Damon B Farmer, Marcus Freitag, Yanning Sun, Shu-Jen Han, Zhihong Chen, Keith A Jenkins, Yu Zhu, others
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Multicarrier transport in epitaxial multilayer graphene
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100-GHz transistors from wafer-scale epitaxial graphene
Y.M. Lin, C. Dimitrakopoulos, K.A. Jenkins, D.B. Farmer, H.Y. Chiu, A. Grill, P. Avouris
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Silane Decomposition on Cu Interconnects Inhibited by Ammonia
E T Ryan, S Molis, A Grill
Journal of The Electrochemical Society157, H78, 2010


Porous pSiCOH Ultralow-k Dielectrics for Chip Interconnects Prepared by PECVD
A Grill
Annual Review of Materials Research39, 49--69, Annual Reviews, 2009

X-ray Scattering Methods for Porosity Metrology of Low-k Thin Films
CM Settens, VK Kamineni, GA Antonelli, A Grill, AC Diebold, RJ Matyi
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Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of Porous Low-kappa Dielectric Thin Films
VK Kamineni, CM Settens, A Grill, GA Antonelli, RJ Matyi, AC Diebold
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Adjusting the skeleton and pore structure of porous SiCOH dielectrics
SM Gates, G. Dubois, ET Ryan, A. Grill, M. Liu, D. Gidley
Journal of the Electrochemical Society156, G156, 2009


Interface engineering for high interfacial strength between SiCOH and porous SiCOH interconnect dielectrics and diffusion caps
A Grill, D Edelstein, M Lane, V Patel, S Gates, D Restaino, S Molis
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Preparation and structure of porous dielectrics by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
SM Gates, DA Neumayer, MH Sherwood, A Grill, X Wang, M Sankarapandian
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A Porous SiCOH Dielectric with k= 2. 4 for High Performance BEOL Interconnects
SM Gates, A Grill, C Dimitrakopoulos, D Restaino, M Lane, V Patel, S Cohen, E Simonyi, E Linger, Y Ostrovski, others
Advanced Metallization Conference 2006(AMC 2006), 2007

Line resistance and electromigration variations induced by hydrogen-based plasma modifications to the silicon carbonitride/copper interface
E T Ryan, J Martin, G Bonilla, S Molis, T Spooner, J Widodo, J H Kim, E Liniger, A Grill, C K Hu
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Enhanced Cracking Resistance of Plasma Deposited Low k SiCOH Films with Nano Imbedded Layers Insertion
S V Nguyen, E Liniger, K Ida, B Herbst, K Malone, N Klymko, S Cohen, E Simonyi, S Lane, C Dziobkowski, others
2007 -


65nm Cu integration and interconnect reliability in low stress k= 2.75 SiCOH
Restaino, A Sakamoto, TM Shaw, Y Shimooka, H …
Interconnect ..., 2006 -

A 45 nm CMOS node Cu/Low-k/Ultra Low-k PECVD SiCOH (k= 2.4) BEOL technology
S Sankaran, S Arai, R Augur, M Beck, G Biery, T Bolom, G Bonilla, O Bravo, K Chanda, M Chae, others
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High performance 45-nm SOI technology with enhanced strain, porous low-k BEOL, and immersion lithography
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The effect of plasma chemistry on the damage induced to porous SiCOH dielectrics
A Grill, V Patel
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Comparison of the fracture behavior of brittle ILD films used in the BEOL in dry and wet environment using nanoindentation
E E Simonyi, M Lane, E Liniger, A Grill
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Hydrogen plasma effects on ultralow-k porous SiCOH dielectrics
A Grill, V Sternhagen, D Neumayer, V Patel
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High-speed germanium-on-insulator photodetectors
G Dehlinger, JD Schaub, SJ Koester, QC Ouyang, JO Chu, A Grill
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Optimization of SiCOH dielectrics for integration in a 90nm CMOS technology
A. Grill, D. Edelstein, D. Restaino, M. Lane, S. Gates, E. Liniger, T. Shaw, XH Liu, D. Klaus, V. Patel, others
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High-efficiency, Ge-on-SOI lateral PIN photodiodes with 29 GHz bandwidth
SJ Koester, JD Schaub, G Dehlinger, JO Chu, QC Ouyang, A Grill
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Comprehensive reliability evaluation of a 90 nm CMOS technology with Cu/PECVD low-k BEOL
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Reliability, yield, and performance of a 90 nm SOI/Cu/SiCOH technology
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Frequency response of top-gated carbon nanotube field-effect transistors
D V Singh, K A Jenkins, J Appenzeller, D Neumayer, A Grill, H S P Wong
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Diamond-like carbon coatings as biocompatible materials—an overview
A Grill
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Porosity in plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited SiCOH dielectrics: A comparative study
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Characterization of low-k to extreme low-k SiCOH dielectrics
A Grill, D A Neumayer
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Static frequency divider circuit using 0.15/spl mu/m gate length Si/sub 0.2/Ge/sub 0.8//Si/sub 0.7/Ge/sub 0.3/p-MODFETs
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D V Singh, L Shi, K W Guarini, P M Mooney, S J Koester, A Grill
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A Grill
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Plasma-deposited diamondlike carbon and related materials-Author bio
A Grill
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