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Research Staff Member
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  IEEE   |  Materials Research Society (MRS)


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Guy M. Cohen, Lior Horesh, Raya Horesh, Marco Pistoia


Process for forming a surrounding gate for a nanowire using a sacrificial patternable dielectric
Sarunya Bangsaruntip, Guy M. Cohen, Michael A. Guillorn


Single-crystal phase change material on insulator for reduced cell variability
Guy M. Cohen, Simone Raoux

Structure for self-aligned silicide contacts to an upside-down FET by epitaxial source and drain
Guy M Cohen, David J Frank, Isaac Lauer


RFID-based input device
Guy M. Cohen


Nonvolatile nano-electromechanical system device
Guy M. Cohen, David J. Frank


In-place bonding of microstructures
Guy M. Cohen, Patricia M. Mooney, Vamsi K. Paruchuri


Methods of selective deposition of fine particles onto selected regions of a substrate
Guy M. Cohen


Nanowire based non-volatile floating-gate memory
Guy M. Cohen


System and method for molecular optical emission
Phaedon Avouris, Guy Moshe Cohen, Richard Martel, James A. Misewich, James Chen-Hsiang Tsang

Mixed orientation and mixed material semiconductor-on-insulator wafer
Guy M. Cohen, Alexander Reznicek, Katherine L. Saenger, Min Yang

Monolithic high aspect ratio nano-size scanning probe microscope (SPM) tip formed by nanowire growth
Guy M. Cohen, Hendrik F. Hamann


Double-gate fet with planarized surfaces and self-aligned silicides
Guy M. Cohen, Hon-Sum P. Wong


Method for patterning a buried oxide thickness for a separation by implanted oxygen (simox) process
Guy Moshe Cohen, Devendra Kumar Sadana

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