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Director, Cognitive User Experience, IBM Research - Cambridge



Framework for building a low-cost, scalable, and secured platform for Web-delivered business services
Ying Huang, Hui Su, Wei Sun, Jian Ming Zhang, Chang Jie Guo, Jing Min Xu, Zhong Bo Jiang, SX Yang, Jun Zhu
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Enhancing Multi-Channel Mobile Internet User Experience
Xiaochuan MA, Hui SU, Changyan CHI, Shiwan ZHAO, Qianying WANG, Paul MAGLIO
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Experimental research on audio-hyperlink breadth
Yanqing Cui, Mowei Shen, Hang Zheng and Hui Su
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Automatic text extraction from color image
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Integrated Segmentation and Recognition Model for Continuous On-line Handwritten Chinese Characters
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A construction method of feedforward neural network for selecting effective hidden nodes
Hui Su, Bin Zhao, Shaowei Xia
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Construct a Binary Three-Layer Perceptron with Less Memory Size
Xun Liang, Shao Wei Xia, Zhong Ren Liu, Hui Su
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Year Unknown

Culture Effects of Communication Style and Time Orientation on Notification Systems and Anti-virus Software
Ding-Long Huang, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, Hui Su, Nau Tu, Chen Zhao
DL Huang, PLP Rau, H Su, N Tu, C Zhao, 0