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Research Staff Member - PaaS Research
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



The Future of Service Marketplaces in the Cloud
R. Akolkar, T. Chefalas, J. Laredo, C.S. Perng, A. Sailer, F. Schaffa, I. Silva-Lepe, T. Tao
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Towards cloud services marketplaces
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Cross-Domain Service Management for Enabling Domain Autonomy in a Federated SOA
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Combining Quality of Service and Social Information for Ranking Services
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Soalive service catalog: A simplified approach to describing, discovering and composing situational enterprise services
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IntegratingWeb Services and Messaging
I Silva-Lepe, M J Ward, F Curbera
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On the Integration of Web Services and Messaging
Ignacio Silva
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Container-managed messaging: an architecture for integrating Javacomponents and message-oriented …
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I Silva
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Support for Enterprise JavaBeans in Component Broker--Author bios
CF Codella, DN Dillenberger, DF Ferguson, RD Jackson, TA Mikalsen, I Silva-Lepe
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An approach to improving existing measurement frameworks-References
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