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Improving server utilization using fast virtual machine migration
Isci, C. Liu, J. Abali, B. Kephart, J. O. Kouloheris, J.
IBM Journal of Research and Development 55(6), 4:1 - 4:12 , IBM, 2011


The future of system-level design: can we find the right solutions to the right problems at the right time?
R Bergamaschi, G Martin, W Wolf, R Ernst, K Vissers, J Kouloheris
Proceedings of the 1st IEEE/ACM/IFIP international conference on Hardware/software codesign and system synthesis, pp. 231, 2003

System and method for reencoding segments of buffer constrained video streams
L Lu, J L Kouloheris, C A Gonzales
US Patent 6,522,693, 2003 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 6,522,693


Method and apparatus for performing real-time subtitles translation
C A Gonzales, J Kouloheris, V Sheinin
US Patent App. 10/152,357, 2002 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent App. 10/152,357

Human-visual-system-based scalable video coding and communications
L Lu, Z Wang, J Kouloheris, A C Bovik
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Issues in reduced-resolution decoding of MPEG video
H Yeo, K Ratakonda, C Gonzales, J Kouloheris
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Method and system for objective quality assessment of image and video streams
J L Kouloheris, L Lu, Z Wang
US Patent App. 10/318,846, 2002 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent App. 10/318,846

Full-reference video quality assessment considering structural distortion and no-reference quality evaluation of MPEG video
L Lu, Z Wang, A C Bovik, J Kouloheris
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Adaptive frame prediction for foveation scalable video coding
L Lu, Z Wang, A C Bovik, J Kouloheris
2001 - computer.org, Published by the IEEE Computer Society

Foveated wavelet image quality index
Z Wang, A C Bovik, L Lu, J Kouloheris
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Statistical model-based video segmentation and its application to very low bit-rate video coding
H Luo, A Eleftheriadis, J Kouloheris
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A cost function with position penalty for motion estimation inMPEG-2 video coding
H Yeo, CA Gonzales, J Kouloheris, W M Lam
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Segment reencoding of buffer constrained variable bit rate video streams
L Lu, K Ratakonda, R Rajagopalan, J Kouloheris, C Gonzales
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Disk access method for delivering multimedia and video information on demand over wide area networks
J L Kouloheris, M Kumar
US Patent 5,915,094, 1999 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 5,915,094

Apparatus, method and computer program product for protecting copyright data within a computer system
M L Ciacelli, J W Urda, W M Lam, J L Kouloheris, J E Fetkovich
US Patent ..., 1999 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 6,009,171


A high performance video server for broadband network environment
M Kumar, J L Kouloheris, M J McHugh, S Kasera
Proceedings of the 1996 Multimedia Computing and Networking (MMCN’96), San Jose, CA, USA, pp. 410--421


Empirical study of the effect of cell granularity on FPGA density and performance
J L Kouloheris
Ph.D. Thesis, 1993


PLA-based FPGA Area Versus Cell C+ Granularity
JL Kouloheris, A El Gamal
Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, 1992, pp. 4--3


FPGA performance versus cell granularity
J L Kouloheris, A El Gamal
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BiNMOS: a basic cell for BiCMOS sea-of-gates
A El Gamal, JL Kouloheris, D How, M Morf
Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, 1989, pp. 8--3