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Watson Health for Life sciences - Data Management Architecture




Mining biological networks to explain and rank hypotheses
Labrie, Jacques J and Perera, Pathirage D and Nagarajan, Meenakshi and Ramakrishnan, Cartic and Spangler, William Scott
US Patent 9,536,193


Event detection using roles and relationships of entities
Chen, Ying and Kato, Linda H and Labrie, Jacques J and Nagarajan, Meenakshi and Spangler, William Scott and Stanoi, Ioana R and Adikesavan, Anbu Karani and Bachman, Benjamin J and Donehower, Lawrence A and Lichtarge, Olivier and others
US Patent App. 14/564,040


Intent based automation of data management operations by a data management engine
Jacques Joseph Labrie, Holger Kache, Dan Wolfson, Paulo Piera, Alan Plante



Using a data mining algorithm to generate format rules used to validate data sets
Jacques Joseph Labrie, David Thomas Meeks, Mary Ann Roth, Yannick Saillet
US Patent 8,166,000



Multiple task wait system for use in a data warehouse environment
Linnette Bakow, Shannon Matthew Farrington, Diane Friedman, Tom William Jacopi, Jacques Joseph Labrie, Thanh Vu Nguyen, Cheung-Yuk Wu, others
US Patent 7,174,551

Managing validation models and rules to apply to data sets
Geetika Agrawal, Jacques Joseph Labrie, Mary Ann Roth, Yannick Saillet
US Patent App. 11/779,251

Systems, methods, and computer program products to display and select hierarchical database segments and fields
Shannon M Farrington, Jacques J Labrie, Pei-chen Liu, Kevin M McBride, Mi W Shum
US Patent 7,197,517



In a computing system
Khanh D Ha, Jacques J Labrie, David P Salinero
US Patent 5,721,911

Mechanism for metadata for an information catalog system
Khanh D Ha, Jacques J Labrie, David P Salinero
US Patent 5,721,911