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Program Manager - Local Education Outreach
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



ArF excimer laser debrides burns without destruction of viable tissue: A pilot study
Prasad, Atulya and Sawicka, Katarzyna M and Pablo, Kelly B and Macri, Lauren K and Felsenstein, Jerome and Wynne, James J and Clark, Richard AF
Burns 44(3), 589--595, Elsevier, 2018


Excimer laser debridement of necrotic erosions of skin without collateral damage
James J Wynne, Jerome M Felsenstein, Robert Trzcinski, Donna Zupanski-Nielsen, Daniel P Connors
European Conference on Biomedical Optics, Proceedings of SPIE, Vol 7883, 2011


Boron clusters (B< sub> n,< i> n= 2--52) produced by laser ablation of hexagonal boron nitride
Sam J La Placa, Paul A Roland, James J Wynne
Chemical physics letters 190(3), 163--168, Elsevier, 1992



Laser-induced fluorescence detection of atherosclerotic plaque with hematoporphyrin derivative used as an exogenous probe
Louis G Prevosti, James J Wynne, Carl G Becker, Ralph Linsker, G Tom Shires
Journal of vascular surgery 7(4), 500--506, Elsevier, 1988


Ultraviolet laser ablation of skin: healing studies and a thermal model
RJ Lane, JJ Wynne, RG Geronemus
Lasers in surgery and medicine 6(6), 504--513, Wiley Online Library, 1987


Ultraviolet-laser ablation of skin
Randall J Lane, Ralph Linsker, James J Wynne, Abel Torres, Roy G Geronemus
Archives of dermatology 121(5), 609--617, American Medical Association, 1985


Polarization renormalization due to nonlinear optical generation
James J Wynne
Physical review letters 52(14), 1255--1255, APS, 1984

Far-ultraviolet laser ablation of atherosclerotic lesions
Ralph Linsker, R Srinivasan, James J Wynne, Daniel R Alonso
Lasers in surgery and medicine 4(2), 201--206, Wiley Online Library, 1984


Interference Effects Between Different Optical Harmonics.
DJ Jackson, James J Wynne
Physical Review Letters 49(14), 1057--1057, APS, 1982


Bound, odd-parity J= 1 spectra of the alkaline earths: Ca, Sr, and Ba
JA Armstrong, JJ Wynne, P Esherick
JOSA 69(2), 211--230, Optical Society of America, 1979

Systematic behavior in alkaline earth spectra: a multichannel quantum defect analysis
JJ Wynne, JA Armstrong
IBM Journal of Research and Development 23(5), 490--503, IBM, 1979


Bound even-parity J= 0 and 2 spectra of Ca: A multichannel quantum-defect theory analysis
JA Armstrong, P Esherick, JJ Wynne
Physical Review A 15(1), 180, APS, 1977


Multiphoton ionization spectroscopy of high-lying, even-parity states in calcium
P Esherick, JA Armstrong, RW Dreyfus, JJ Wynne
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Tunable coherent vacuum-ultraviolet generation in atomic vapors
RT Hodgson, PP Sorokin, JJ Wynne
Physical Review Letters 32(7), 343, APS, 1974


Tunable coherent ir source based upon four-wave parametric conversion in alkali metal vapors
PP Sorokin, JJ Wynne, JR Lankard
Applied Physics Letters 22(7), 342--344, AIP, 1973


Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy of chi (3) in LiNbO3
JJ Wynne
Physical Review Letters29, 650--653, 1972


Dispersion of the Lowest-Order Optical Nonlinearity in InSb
JJ Wynne
Physical Review Letters 27(1), 17, APS, 1971


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