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Computational Neuroscience, Neuron and Brain Modeling
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Cortico-striatal cross-frequency coupling and gamma genesis disruptions in Huntington's disease mouse and computational models
Sebastien Naze, James Humble, Pengsheng Zheng, Scott Barton, Claudia Rangel-Barajas, George V. Rebec and James R. Kozloski
eNeuro 5(6), 2018


Spatio-temporal pattern recognizers using spiking neurons and spike-timing-dependent plasticity
Humble, James and Denham, Susan and Wennekers, Thomas
Frontiers in computational neuroscience6, 84, Frontiers, 2012


STDP pattern onset learning depends on background activity
Humble, James and Furber, Steve and Denham, Susan L and Wennekers, Thomas
From Brains to Systems, pp. 19--31, Springer, 2011

Modeling peripheral olfactory coding in Drosophila larvae
Hoare, Derek J and Humble, James and Jin, Ding and Gilding, Niall and Petersen, Rasmus and Cobb, Matthew and McCrohan, Catherine
PloS one 6(8), e22996, Public Library of Science, 2011