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IBM Fellow and CTO, Security Research
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Method and apparatus for detecting unauthorized bulk forwarding of sensitive data over a network
M Christodorescu, JR Rao, R Sailer and DL Schales

Adaptive cyber-security analytics
L Amini, M Christodorescu, MA Cohen, S Parthasarathy, Josyula Rao, Reiner Sailer, Douglas L. Schales, Wietse Z. Venema and Oliver Verscheure

Systems, Methods And Computer Programs Providing Impact Mitigation Of Cyber-Security
Y. Drissi, C. HARRISON, R. Hamilton II, J. Kouloheris, C-S Li, P. Pattnaik and J.R. Rao

Computer Implemented Techniques For Detecting, Investigating and Remediating Security Violations To IT Infrastructure
S Berger, X Hu, D Pendarakis, JR Rao, R Sailer, D Schales and M Stoecklin

Detecting Malicious Circumvention Of Virtual Private Network
Chari, S. N. Rao, JR, Rippon, W. TEIKEN, W. Venema, W


Risk adaptive information flow based access control
PC Cheng, P Rohatgi, C Keser and JR Rao


System and method to govern sensitive data exchange with mobile devices based on threshold sensitivity values
SC Gates, Y Park, JR Rao andWTeiken


Method, apparatus and system for resistance to side channel attacks on random number generators
SN Chari, VV DiLuoffo, PA Karger, ER Palmer, T Rabin, JR Rao, Pankaj Rohatgi, Helmut Scherzer, Michael Steiner and David Toll


Oblivious Proxying Using a Secure Coprocessor
Suresh Chari, M Kaiserswerth and Josyula R. Rao

Oblivious proxying using a secure coprocessor
Suresh Narayana Chari, Matthias Kaiserwerth, Josyula R Rao
US Patent 7,430,757


Space-efficient, side-channel attack resistant table lookup
SN Chari, JR Rao, P Rohatgi and H Scherzer


System for protecting against leakage of sensitive information from compromising electromagnetic emissions from computing systems
D Agrawal, BR Archambeault, JR Rao and P Rohatgi

System and method for protecting against leakage of sensitive information from compromising electromagnetic emanations from computing systems
BR Archambeault, JR Rao, P Rohatgi and H Scherzer


System and method for debugging distributed programs
Michael Stephen Meier, Kevan Lee Miller, Donald Philip Pazel, Josyula Ramachandra Rao, James Robert Russell
US Patent 5,933,639


A uniform mechanism for using signed content
Rangachari Anand, Nayeem Islam, Josyula Ramachandra Rao
EP Patent 0,813,133