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Research Scientist
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA




Axiocentric scrubbing land grid array contacts and methods for fabrication
Gareth Hougham, Gerard McVicker, Xiaoxiong Gu, Sung K Kang, Frank R Libsch, Xiao H Liu
US Patent App. 13/604,363

Electromigration-resistant lead-free solder interconnect structures
Charles L Arvin, Kenneth Bird, Charles C Goldsmith, Sung K Kang, Minhua Lu, Clare Johanna Mccarthy, Eric Daniel Perfecto, Srinivasa SN Reddy, Krystyna Waleria Semkow, Thomas Anthony Wassick, others
US Patent App. 13/427,940


Interconnection for flip-chip using lead-free solders and having improved reaction barrier layers
Luc Belanger, Stephen L Buchwalter, Leena Paivikki Buchwalter, Ajay P Giri, Jonathan H Griffith, Donald W Henderson, Sung Kwon Kang, Eric H Laine, Christian Lavoie, Paul A Lauro, others
US Patent 7,932,169


Microelectronic devices and methods
Sri M Sri-Jayantha, Gareth Hougham, Sung Kang, Lawrence Mok, Hien Dang, Arun Sharma
US Patent 7,820,488

Centrifugal method for filing high aspect ratio blind mirco vias powdered materials for circuit formation
G Hougham, L P Buchwalter, S L Buchwalter, J Casey, C Feger, M Flotta, J D Gelmore, K C Hinge, A Jain, S K Kang, others
US Patent 7,815,968



Electrically conducting adhesives for via fill applications
Jeffrey Donald Gelorme, Sung Kwon Kang, Konstantinos Papathomas, Sampath Purushothaman
US Patent 7,467,742


Method to selectively cap interconnects with indium or tin bronzes and/or oxides thereof and the interconnect so capped
Daniel C Edelstein, Sung Kwon Kang, Maurice McGlashan-Powell, Eugene J O'sullivan, George F Walker
US Patent 6,551,931

Ball limiting metallurgy, interconnection structure including the same, and method of forming an interconnection structure
Y T Cheng, S R Chiras, D W Henderson, S K Kang, S J Kilpatrick, H A Nye, C J Sambucetti, D Y Shih
US Patent App. 10/724,938


Reflow of low melt solder tip C4's
John Michael Cotte, Madhav Datta, Sung Kwon Kang
US Patent 20,020,009,869


Reflow of low melt solder tip C4's
J M Cotte, M Datta, S K Kang
US Patent 6,258,703

Flip-chip interconnections using lead-free solders
Panayotis Constantinou Andricacos, Madhav Datta, Hariklia Deligianni, Wilma Jean Horkans, Sung Kwon Kang, Keith Thomas Kwietniak, Gangadhara Swami Mathad, Sampath Purushothaman, Leathen Shi, Ho-Ming Tong, others
US Patent 6,224,690


Electronic devices having metallurgies containing copper-semiconductor compounds
Michael John Brady, Curtis Edward Farrell, Sung Kwon Kang, Jeffrey Robert Marino, Donald Joseph Mikalsen, Paul Andrew Moskowitz, Eugene John O'sullivan, Terrence Robert O'toole, Sampath Purushothaman, Sheldon Cole Rieley, others
US Patent 5,855,993


Conductor with a deformable metal layer
Sung K Kang, Michael J Palmer, Timothy C Reiley, Robert D Topa
US Patent 5,148,261