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Hybrid Cloud Services
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Towards scalable on-demand collective data access in IaaS clouds: An adaptive collaborative content exchange proposal
Nicolae, Bogdan and Kochut, Andrzej and Karve, Alexei
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Image transfer optimization for agile development
Alexei Karve, Andrzej Kochut
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Zhiming Shen, Zhe Zhang, Andrzej Kochut, Alexei Karve, Han Chen, Minkyong Kim Hui Lei, Nicholas Fuller
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Andrzej Kochut, Alexei Karve
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method and apparatus for dynamic provisioning in data processing environment
2011 -

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RC2: A living lab for cloud computing
Glenn Ammons, Vasanth Bala, Stefan Berger, Dilma M Da Silva, Jim Doran, Frank Franco, Alexei Karve, Herb Lee, James A Lindeman, Ajay Mohindra, others
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RC2 - A Living Lab for Cloud Computing
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Honcho: A Rule-based Approach to System Management
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Dynamic Placement for Clustered Web Applications
Alexei Karve, Tracy Kimbrel, Giovanni Pacifici, Mike Spreitzer, Malgorzata Steinder, Maxim Sviridenko, Asser Tantawi
Proceedings of the ACM International World Wide Web Conference, pp. 604, 2006

Year Unknown

Using Machine Learning for Black-Box Autoscaling
Wajahat, Muhammad and Gandhi, Anshul and Karve, Alexei and Kochut, Andrzej, 0