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Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Professional Associations:  Materials Research Society (MRS)


Using Unentangled Oligomers to Toughen Materials
Isaacson, Scott G and Matsuda, Yusuke and Lionti, Krystelle and Frot, Theo and Volksen, Willi and Dauskardt, Reinhold H and Dubois, Geraud Jean-michel
ACS applied materials & interfaces, ACS Publications, 2018


Synthesis of Polyimides in Molecular-Scale Confinement for Low Density Hybrid Nanocomposites
Scott G. Isaacson, Jade I Fostvedt, Hilmar Koerner, Jeffery W Baur, Krystelle Lionti, Willi Volksen, Geraud Jean-Michel Dubois and Reinhold H. Dauskardt
Nano Letters, ACS Publications, 2017

Evaluation of In2O3 prepared by the delayed ignition combustion process as a gas sensor
Krystelle Lionti, Andrea Fasoli, Linda Sundberg, Francesco Ceccarelli, Robert D. Miller and Luisa Bozano
Biotech, Biomaterials and Biomedical: TechConnect Briefs 2017

Analysis of tim oxide thin films fabricated via sol-gel and delayed ignition combustion processes
Andrea Fasoli, Krystelle Lionti, Linda Sundberg, Robert D. Miller, Francesco Ceccarelli and Luisa Bozano
2017 ISOCS/IEEE International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose (ISOEN)

Accurate Measurement of Porous Low-k Thin-Films by Nanoindentation: Densification Scaling versus Substrate Effects
Krystelle Lionti, Kumar Virwani, Willi Volksen, Robin King, Jane Frommer and Geraud Dubois
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 6(10), 2017

Fundamentals of EUV resist-inorganic hardmask interactions
Dario L Goldfarb, Martin Glodde, Anuja De Silva, Indira Sheshadri, Nelson M Felix, Krystelle Lionti, Teddie Magbitang
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 1014607--1014607, 2017


In vitro toxicity assessment of extracts derived from sol--gel coatings on polycarbonate intended to be used in food contact applications
Isabelle Severin, Krystelle Lionti, Laurence Dahbi, Catherine Loriot, Berangere Toury and Marie-Christine Chagnon
Food and Chemical Toxicology93, 51--57, Elsevier, 2016

Post porosity plasma protection integration at 48 nm pitch
Huai Huang, Krystelle Lionti, Willi Volksen, Terry Spooner, Hosadurga Shobha, Joe Lee, James Hsueh-Chung Chen, Teddie Magbitang, Brown Peethala, Eric G Liniger, and others
Interconnect Technology Conference/Advanced Metallization Conference (IITC/AMC), 2016 IEEE International, pp. 153--155

Transforming the P4 process to enhance mechanical and fracture properties of ULKs
Scott G Isaacson, Can Wang, Krystelle Lionti, Willi Volksen, Teddie P Magbitang, Reinhold H Dauskardt and Geraud Dubois
Interconnect Technology Conference/Advanced Metallization Conference (IITC/AMC), 2016 IEEE International, pp. 150--152

Fundamental limits of material toughening in molecularly confined polymers
Scott Isaacson, Krystelle Lionti, Willi Volksen, Teddie Magbitang, Yusuke Matsuda, Reinhold Dauskardt and Geraud Dubois
Nature Materials15, 294-298, 2016


Scratch-resistant sol--gel coatings on pristine polycarbonate
Nicolas Le Bail, Krystelle Lionti, Stephane Benayoun, Sophie Pavan, Leslie Thompson, Christel Gervais, Geraud Dubois and Berangere Toury
New Journal of Chemistry 39(11), 8302--8310, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015

The efficacy of post porosity plasma protection against vacuum-ultraviolet damage in porous low-k materials
Krystelle Lionti, Maxime Darnon, Willi Volksen, Teddie Magbitang, Geraud Dubois
Journal of Applied Physics117, 113303, 2015

Toward Successful Integration of Porous Low-k Materials: Strategies Addressing Plasma Damage
Krystelle Lionti, Willi Volksen, Teddie Magbitang, Maxime Darnon, Geraud Dubois
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 4(1), N3071--N3083, The Electrochemical Society, 2015


In vitro genotoxicity assessment of MTES, GPTES and TEOS, three precursors intended for use in food contact coatings
Krystelle Lionti, Isabelle Severin, Laurence Dahbi, Berangere Toury, Marie-Christine Chagnon
Food and Chemical Toxicology65, 76--81, Elsevier, 2014

Highly Transparent Multifunctional Bilayer Coatings on Polymers Using Low-Temperature Atmospheric Plasma Deposition
Linying Cui, Krystelle Lionti, Alpana Ranade, Kjersta Larson-Smith, Geraud Jean-michel Dubois, Reinhold H Dauskardt
ACS nano 8(7), 7186--7191, ACS Publications, 2014

Hybrid low dielectric constant thin films for microelectronics
Willi Volksen, Krystelle Lionti, Teddie Magbitang, Geraud Dubois
Scripta Materialia74, 19-24, Elsevier, 2014


Hybrid silica coatings on polycarbonate: enhanced properties
Krystelle Lionti, Berangere Toury, Cedric Boissiere, Stephane Benayoun, Philippe Miele
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 65(1), 52--60, Springer, 2013

Independent control of adhesive and bulk properties of hybrid silica coatings on polycarbonate
Krystelle Lionti, Linying Cui, Willi Volken, Reinhold H Dauskardt, Geraud Dubois, Berangere Toury
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 5(21), 11276-11280, ACS Publications, 2013