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Lead Technical Solution Specialist, Life Sciences



Using cognitive computing to identify compounds with antidyskinetic potential for Parkinson's disease
Visanji, N and Lacoste, A and Ezell, S and Spangler, S and Argentinis, E and Brotchie, J and Lang, A and Johnston, T

Artificial intelligence in neurodegenerative disease research: use of IBM Watson to identify additional RNA-binding proteins altered in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Bakkar, Nadine and Kovalik, Tina and Lorenzini, Ileana and Spangler, Scott and Lacoste, Alix and Sponaugle, Kyle and Ferrante, Philip and Argentinis, Elenee and Sattler, Rita and Bowser, Robert
Acta neuropathologica, 1--21, Springer, 2017

Classification of Cardiovascular Proteins Involved in Coronary Atherosclerosis and Heart Failure Using Watson’s Cognitive Computing Technology
Ruff, Christian T and Lacoste, Alix and Nordio, Francesco and Fanola, Christina L and Silverman, Michael G and Argentinis, Elenee and Spangler, Scott and Sabatine, Marc S
2017 - Am Heart Assoc, Am Heart Assoc


A convergent and essential interneuron pathway for Mauthner-cell-mediated escapes
Alix MB Lacoste, David Schoppik, Drew N Robson, Martin Haesemeyer, Ruben Portugues, Jennifer M Li, R, Owen lett, Caroline L Wee, Florian Engert, Alex Schier, er F
Current Biology 25(11), 1526--1534, Elsevier, 2015

Whole-brain activity mapping onto a zebrafish brain atlas
R, Owen lett, Caroline L Wee, Eva A Naumann, Onyeka Nnaemeka, David Schoppik, James E Fitzgerald, Ruben Portugues, Alix MB Lacoste, Clemens Riegler, Florian Engert, others
Nature methods 12(11), 1039--1046, Nature Publishing Group, 2015