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Research Staff Member, HPC Applications and Tools
Cambridge Research Center, Cambridge, MA USA



Effects of thermal noise on the transitional dynamics of an inextensible elastic filament in stagnation flow
M Deng, L Grinberg, B Caswell, GE Karniadakis
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R. Nair et al.
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Leopold Grinberg, Mingge Deng, George Em Karniadakis, Alexander Yakhot
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Malgorzata Zimon, Leopold Grinberg, Jason Reese, David Emerson
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Leopold Grinberg
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Leopold Grinberg, Mingge Deng, Huan Lei, Joseph A Insley, George Em Karniadakis
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Tightly Coupled Atomistic-Continuum Simulations of Brain Blood Flow on Petaflop Supercomputers.
Leopold Grinberg, Joseph A Insley, Dmitry A Fedosov, Vitali A Morozov, Michael E Papka, George E Karniadakis
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Joseph A Insley, Leopold Grinberg, Dmitry A Fedosov, Vitali Morozov, Bruce Caswell, Michael E Papka, Geroge Em Karniadakis
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L Grinberg, GE Karniadakis
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Multiscale Modelling and Parallel Algorithms for the Cerebrovasculature
L Grinberg
PhD Thesis, Brown University, 2009

Simulation of the human intracranial arterial tree
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Leopold Grinberg, George Em Karniadakis
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Hierarchical spectral basis and Galerkin formulation using barycentric quadrature grids in triangular elements
L Grinberg, GE Karniadakis
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Investigating Flow-Structure Interactions in Cerebral Aneurysms
Paris Perdikaris, Joseph A Insley, Leopold Grinberg, Yue Yu, Michael E Papka, George Em Karniadakis
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