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Research Staff Member
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Automatic Input Generation for Mobile Testing
Peng Liu, Xiangyu Zhang, Marco Pistoia, Yunhui Zheng, and Lingfei Zeng
ICSE, 2017

Using Abstract Interpretation to Correct Synchronization Faults.
VMCAI, 2017


Apex: Automatic Programming Assignment Error Explanation
Dohyeong Kim, Yonghwi Kwon, Peng Liu, I Luk Kim, David Mitchel Perry, Xiangyu Zhang, Gustavo Rodriguez-Rivera
OOPSLA, 2016

Python Predictive Analysis for Bug Detection
Zhaogui Xu, Peng Liu, Xiangyu Zhang and Baowen Xu.
FSE, 2016

ARROW: Automated Repair of Races on Client-Side Web Pages
Weihang Wang, Yunhui Zheng, Peng Liu, Lei Xu, Xiangyu Zhang and Patrick Eugster
ISSTA, 2016


Light: Replay via Tightly Bounded Recording
Peng Liu, Xiangyu Zhang, Omer Tripp, Yunhui Zheng
PLDI, 2015


Flint: Fixing Linearizability Violations.
Peng Liu, Omer Tripp, Xiangyu Zhang
OOPSLA, 2014

Grail: Context-aware Fixing of Concurrency Bugs
Peng Liu, Omer Tripp, Charles Zhang
FSE, 2014

Unleashing Concurrency for Irregular Data Structures
Peng Liu, Charles Zhang
ICSE, 2014


Finding incorrect compositions of atomicity
Peng Liu, Julian Dolby, and Charles Zhang
FSE, 2013
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Axis: automatically fixing atomicity violations through solving control constraints.
Peng Liu, Charles Zhang
ICSE, 2012

Pert: The Application-Aware Tailoring of Java Object Persistence.
Peng Liu and Charles Zhang
TSE, 2012

On atomicity enforcement in concurrent software via discrete event systems theory
Yin Wang, Peng Liu, Terence Kelly, Stephane Lafortune, Spyros A. Reveliotis, Charles Zhang
CDC, 2012


LEAP: lightweight deterministic multi-processor replay of concurrent java programs
Jeff Huang, Peng Liu, and Charles Zhang.
FSE, 2010