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Staff Scientist/Engineer
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



On the Origin and Implications of Li $ \_2 $ O $ \_2 $ Toroid Formation in Nonaqueous Li-O $ \_2 $ Batteries
Nagaphani B Aetukuri, Bryan D McCloskey, Jeannette M Garc\'\ia, Leslie E Krupp, Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan, Alan C Luntz
arXiv preprint arXiv:1406.3335, 2014

Mesh-reinforced thin film composite membranes for forward osmosis applications: The structure--performance relationship
Daniel Stillman, Leslie Krupp, Young-Hye La
Journal of Membrane Science468, 308--316, Elsevier, 2014


Enhanced Desalination Performance of Polyamide Bi-layer Membranes Prepared by Sequential Interfacial Polymerization
Young-Hye La, Jacquana Diep, Radwan Al-Rasheed, Dolores Miller, Leslie Krupp, Geoffrey M Geise, Ankit Vora, Blake Davis, Majed Nassar, Benny D Freeman, others
Journal of Membrane Science437, 33-39, Elsevier, 2013

Combining accurate O2 and Li2O2 assays to separate discharge and charge stability limitations in nonaqueous Li--O2 batteries
Bryan D McCloskey, Alexia Valery, Alan C Luntz, Sanketh R Gowda, Gregory M Wallraff, Jeannette M Garcia, Takashi Mori, Leslie E Krupp
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4(17), 2989--2993, ACS Publications, 2013


Post porosity plasma protection applied to a wide range of ultra low-k materials
T. Frot, W. Volksen, T. Magbitang, L. Krupp, P. Rice, S. Purushothaman, M. Lofaro, S. Cohen, R.L. Bruce, G. Dubois
2012 IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference - IITC, 3 pp.

Integration of a Manufacturing Grade, k= 2.0 Spin-On Material in a Single Damascene Structure
Willi Volksen, Sampath Purushothaman, Maxime Darnon, Mike F Lofaro, Stephan A Cohen, James P Doyle, Nicholas Fuller, Teddie P Magbitang, Philip M Rice, Leslie E Krupp, others
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 1(5), N85--N90, The Electrochemical Society, 2012

Measurement of placement error between self-assembled polymer patterns and guiding chemical prepatterns
Gregory S Doerk, Chi-Chun Liu, Joy Y Cheng, Charles T Rettner, Jed W Pitera, Leslie Krupp, Teya Topuria, Noel Arellano, Daniel P Sanders
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 83230P--83230P, 2012

Two-phase microwave-assisted synthesis of Cu 2 S nanocrystals
Ying Wang, Xin Ai, Dolores Miller, Philip Rice, Teya Topuria, Leslie Krupp, Andrew Kellock, Qing Song
CrystEngComm 14(22), 7560--7562, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2012

Pattern placement accuracy in block copolymer directed self-assembly based on chemical epitaxy
Gregory S Doerk, Chi-Chun Liu, Joy Y Cheng, Charles T Rettner, Jed W Pitera, Leslie E Krupp, Teya Topuria, Noel Arellano, Daniel P Sanders
ACS nano 7(1), 276--285, ACS Publications, 2012

Ordered nanopillar structured electrodes for depleted bulk heterojunction colloidal quantum dot solar cells
Illan J Kramer, David Zhitomirsky, John D Bass, Philip M Rice, Teya Topuria, Leslie Krupp, Susanna M Thon, Alexander H Ip, Ratan Debnath, Ho-Cheol Kim, others
Advanced Materials 24(17), 2315--2319, Wiley Online Library, 2012

Integrated on-chip inductors with electroplated magnetic yokes
Naigang Wang, Eugene J O’Sullivan, Philipp Herget, Bipin Rajendran, Leslie E Krupp, Lubomyr T Romankiw, Bucknell C Webb, Robert Fontana, Elizabeth A Duch, Eric A Joseph, others
Journal of Applied Physics 111(7), 07E732, AIP Publishing, 2012


Nanostructured Thin Film Solar Cells: A Heterojunction of PbS Colloidal Quantum Dots and TiO2 Nanopillars
H.C. Kim, I. Kramer, J. Bass, T. Topuria, L. Krupp, P. Rice, R. Debnath, L. Brzozowski, L. Levina, E. Sargent
Bulletin of the American Physical Society56, APS, 2011


Star polymer templated, dye occluded, functionalized silica nanoparticles for optoelectronic applications
Hector Nu\~no, Victor Lee, Shimul K Shah, Leslie Krupp, Melanie McNeil, Robert D Miller, Joseph Sly
Polymer Preprints 51(1), 222, 2010


Phase change nanodots patterning using a self-assembled polymer lithography and crystallization analysis
Y. Zhang, S. Raoux, D. Krebs, L.E. Krupp, T. Topuria, M.A. Caldwell, D.J. Milliron, A. Kellock, P.M. Rice, J.L. Jordan-Sweet, others
Journal of Applied Physics 104(7), 074312--074312, AIP, 2008

Crystallization Characteristics Of Phase Change Nanoparticle Arrays Fabricated By Self-Assembly Based Lithography
Y. Zhang, S. Raoux, D. Krebs, L.E. Krupp, T. Topuria, J. Jordan-Sweet, M. Caldwell, P. Rice, D.J. Milliron, H.S.P. Wong
MRS Proceedings, pp. 1072--G08, 2008

Application of Block Copolymer Supramolecular Assembly for the Fabrication of Complex TiO2 Nanostructures
S.H. Kim, O.H. Park, F. Nederberg, T. Topuria, L.E. Krupp, H.C. Kim, R.M. Waymouth, J.L. Hedrick
Small 4(12), 2162--2165, Wiley Online Library, 2008


Biomimetic approaches for fabricating high-density nanopatterned arrays
J.N. Cha, Y. Zhang, H.S.P. Wong, S. Raoux, C. Rettner, L. Krupp, V. Deline
Chemistry of materials 19(4), 839--843, ACS Publications, 2007

Phase change nanodot arrays fabricated using a self-assembly diblock copolymer approach
Y. Zhang, H.S.P. Wong, S. Raoux, J.N. Cha, C.T. Rettner, L.E. Krupp, T. Topuria, D.J. Milliron, P.M. Rice, J.L. Jordan-Sweet
Applied physics letters91, 013104, 2007


Imaging thin films of nanoporous low-k dielectrics: comparison between ultramicrotomy and focused ion beam preparations for transmission electron microscopy
Leslie E Thompson, Philip M Rice, Eugene Delenia, Victor Y Lee, Phillip J Brock, Teddie P Magbitang, Geraud Dubois, Willi Volksen, Robert D Miller, Ho-Cheol Kim
Microscopy and Microanalysis 12(02), 156--159, Cambridge Univ Press, 2006

Patterning~ 20nm half-pitch lines on silicon using a self-assembled organosilicate etch mask
Linnea Sundstr\"om, Leslie Krupp, Eugene Delenia, Charles Rettner, Martha Sanchez, Mark W Hart, Ho-Cheol Kim, Ying Zhang
Applied physics letters 88(24), 243107, AIP Publishing, 2006


Oriented mesoporous organosilicate thin films
E.M. Freer, L.E. Krupp, W.D. Hinsberg, P.M. Rice, J.L. Hedrick, J.N. Cha, R.D. Miller, H.C. Kim
Nano letters 5(10), 2014--2018, ACS Publications, 2005

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