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STSM, Healthcare Insights-as-a-Service
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Simulation based analytics for efficient planning and management in multimodal freight transportation industry
Parijat Dube, Jo\~ao PM Gon\c{c}alves, Shilpa Mahatma, Francisco Barahona, Milind Naphade, Mark Bedeman
Proceedings of the 2014 Winter Simulation Conference, pp. 1943--1954


OnTheMark: Integrated Stochastic Resource Planning of Human Capital Supply Chains
H Cao, J Hu, C Jiang, T Kumar, T H Li, Y Liu, Y Lu, S Mahatma, A Mojsilovic, M Sharma, others
Interfaces 41(5), 414--435, INFORMS, 2011

Analytics-driven asset management
A Hampapur, H Cao, A Davenport, WS Dong, D Fenhagen, RS Feris, G Goldszmidt, ZB Jiang, J Kalagnanam, T Kumar, others
IBM Journal of Research and Development 55(1.2), 13--1, IBM, 2011

Usage analysis for smart meter management
Hongfei Li, Dongping Fang, Shilpa Mahatma, Arun Hampapur
Emerging Technologies for a Smarter World (CEWIT), 2011 8th International Conference \& Expo on, pp. 1--6


Operations research improves sales force productivity at IBM
Rick Lawrence, Claudia Perlich, Saharon Rosset, Ildar Khabibrakhmanov, Shilpa Mahatma, Sholom Weiss, Matt Callahan, Matt Collins, Alexey Ershov, Shiva Kumar
Interfaces 40(1), 33--46, INFORMS, 2010


Watson Women's Network Leadership: A Best Practice at IBM Research for Innovative and Effective Recruitment and Retention
N Burke, T Chao, J Chen, C-H Chen-Ritzo, CA Chess, S Chiras, D Da Silva, E Duch, E Duesterwald, M Eleftheriou, others
Women in Engineering ProActive Network, 2008


A Data Mining Case Study: Analytics-driven solutions for customer targeting and sales force allocation1
R Lawrence, C Perlich, S Rosset, I Khabibrakhmanov, S Mahatma, S Weiss

Analytics-driven solutions for customer targeting and sales-force allocation
R Lawrence, Claudia Perlich, Saharon Rosset, Jorge Arroyo, Matthew Callahan, J Matthew Collins, Alexey Ershov, Sheri Feinzig, Ildar Khabibrakhmanov, Shilpa Mahatma, others
IBM Systems Journal 46(4), 797--816, IBM, 2007