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RSM, Nanoscale Studies
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Professional Associations:  American Physical Society (APS)  |  American Vacuum Society


Isotope-selective detection and imaging of organic nanolayers
HJ Mamin, TH Oosterkamp, M Poggio, CL Degen, CT Rettner, D Rugar
Nano Letters9, 3020-3024, 2009

Nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging
CL Degen, M. Poggio, HJ Mamin, CT Rettner, D. Rugar
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106(5), 1313, National Acad Sciences, 2009


An off-board quantum point contact as a sensitive detector of cantilever motion
M. Poggio, M. P. Jura, C. L. Degen, M. A. Topinka, H. J. Mamin, D. Goldhaber-Gordon, and D. Rugar
Nature Physics4, 635, 2008


Role of spin noise in the detection of nanoscale ensembles of nuclear spins
C. L. Degen, M. Poggio, H. J. Mamin, and D. Rugar
Physical Review Letters99, 250601, 2007

Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging with 90-nm resolution
HJ Mamin, M Poggio, CL Degen, D Rugar
Nature Nanotechnology 2(5), 301--306, Nature Publishing Group, 2007

Nuclear magnetic resonance force microscopy with a microwire rf source
M. Poggio, C. L. Degen, C. T. Rettner, H. J. Mamin and D. Rugar
Appl. Phys. Lett. 90(26), 263111, American Institute of Physics, 2007


Creating order from random fluctuations in small spin ensembles
R. Budakian, H. J. Mamin, B. Chui and D. Rugar
Science307, 408-411 , 2005


Suppression of spin diffusion near a micron-size ferromagnet
R. Budakian, H. J. Mamin, and D. Rugar
Phys. Rev. Lett.92, 037205, 2004

Single spin detection by magnetic resonance force microscopy
D Rugar, R Budakian, HJ Mamin, BW Chui
Nature 430(6997), 329--332, Nature Publishing Group, 2004


Detection and manipulation of statistical polarization in small spin ensembles
HJ Mamin, R Budakian, BW Chui, D Rugar
Physical review letters 91(20), 207604, APS, 2003


Adventures in attonewton force detection
D. Rugar, B.C. Stipe, H.J. Mamin, C.S. Yannoni, T.D. Stowe, K.Y. Yasumura, and T.W. Kenny
Appl. Phys. A72 [Suppl.], S3-S10, 2001


Ultrahigh-density atomic force microscopy data storage with erase capability
G. Binnig, M. Despont, U. Drechsler, W. Haberle, M. Lutwyche, P. Vettiger, HJ Mamin, BW Chui, T.W. Kenny
Applied Physics Letters 74(9), 1329-1331, AIP, 1999


Sidewall-implanted dual-axis piezoresistive cantilever for afm data storage readback and tracking
B.W. Chui, H.J. Mamin, B.D. Terris, D. Rugar, and T.W. Kenny
Proc. MEMS 98, IEEE Eleventh Annual International Workshop on Microelectromechanical Systems, pp. 12-17, 1998


Nanoscale replication for scanning probe data storage
BD Terris, HJ Mamin, ME Best, JA Logan, D Rugar, SA Rishton
Applied Physics Letters 69(27), 4262--4264, AIP, 1996


High-density data storage using proximal probe techniques
H J Mamin, B D Terris, L S Fan, S Hoen, RC Barrett, D Rugar
IBM Journal of Research and Development 39(6), 681--699, IBM, 1995


Near-field optical data storage using a solid immersion lens
BD Terris, HJ Mamin, D Rugar, WR Studenmund, GS Kino
Applied physics letters 65(4), 388--390, AIP, 1994


Thermomechanical writing with an atomic force microscope tip
HJ Mamin, D Rugar
Applied Physics Letters 61(8), 1003--1005, AIP, 1992


Magnetic force microscopy with batch fabricated force sensors
P. Gruetter, D. Rugar, H.J. Mamin, G. Castillo, C.J. Lin, I.R. McFadyen, R.M. Valletta, O. Wolter, T. Bayer and J. Greschner
J. Appl. Phys.69, 5883, 1991

Gold deposition from a scanning tunneling microscope tip
HJ Mamin, S Chiang, H Birk, PH Guethner, D Rugar
Journal of Vacuum Science \& Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures 9(2), 1398--1402, AVS, 1991


Localized charge force microscopy
BD Terris, JE Stern, D Rugar, HJ Mamin
Journal of Vacuum Science \& Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 8(1), 374--377, AVS, 1990

Atomic emission from a gold scanning-tunneling-microscope tip
HJ Mamin, PH Guethner, D Rugar
Physical review letters 65(19), 2418--2421, APS, 1990

Batch fabricated sensors for magnetic force microscopy
P Grutter, D Rugar, HJ Mamin, G Castillo, SE Lambert, C J Lin, RM Valletta, O Wolter, T Bayer, J Greschner
Applied Physics Letters 57(17), 1820--1822, AIP, 1990

Magnetic force microscopy: General principles and application to longitudinal recording media
D Rugar, HJ Mamin, P Guethner, SE Lambert, JE Stern, I McFadyen, T Yogi
Journal of Applied Physics 68(3), 1169--1183, AIP, 1990


Improved fiber-optic interferometer for atomic force microscopy
D Rugar, HJ Mamin, P Guethner
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Contact electrification using force microscopy
BD Terris, JE Stern, D Rugar, HJ Mamin
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Magnetic force microscopy of thin Permalloy films
HJ Mamin, D Rugar, JE Stern, RE Fontana, P Kasiraj
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Force microscope using a fiber-optic displacement sensor
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Deposition and imaging of localized charge on insulator surfaces using a force microscope
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Force microscopy of magnetization patterns in longitudinal recording media
HJ Mamin, D Rugar, JE Stern, BD Terris, SE Lambert
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Contamination-mediated deformation of graphite by the scanning tunneling microscope
H J Mamin, E Ganz, D W Abraham, R E Thomson, J Clarke
Physical Review B 34(12), 9015, APS, 1986

Surface modification with the scanning tunneling microscope
D W Abraham, H J Mamin, E Ganz, J Clarke
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Year Unknown

A novel dual-axial AFM cantilever with independent piezoresistive sensors for simultaneous detection of lateral and vertical forces


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